Is Echo Boomers a True Story?

Seth Savoy’s directorial debut, ‘Echo Boomers,’ is a crime drama that revolves around five college graduates who, as a result of a bad economy, decide to steal from the wealthiest people in Chicago and enjoy the loot themselves. The film also features a powerful cast that includes Patrick Schwarzenegger, Alex Pettyfer, and Michael Shannon. Naturally, many view the plot as an ironic twist on the classic tale of Robin Hood. We got curious about whether the film was inspired by real events, and here’s what we have uncovered!

Is Echo Boomers Based on a True Story?

Yes, ‘Echo Boomers’ is based on a true story. At least, that is what the team behind the movie wants us to believe. At the beginning of the film, there is an announcement that states it is “a true story, if you believe in such things.” Cast members Alex Pettyfer and Jacob Alexander have both stated in interviews that the creative heads behind the script affirmed that they sought inspiration from real events.

Pettyfer said that Seth declared that the story was, indeed, true. In fact, an element of ‘Echo Boomers’ reminded the actor, who portrays Ellis Beck, of a script that Dustin Lance Black wrote called ‘The Barefoot Bandit.’ In it, there is a young boy who lives in the holiday homes of the rich, where he finds ample cash as well. (Black’s movie looks at the many escapades of the young lad). Furthermore, the actor called it a fun film that had a subtle message, and it was one that he really wished he had landed.

Alexander, who plays Chandler Gaines, said that the writer, Jason Miller, apparently had some connection to an individual who worked with the group that pulled off the heists in real life. Although the actor had some questions, he did feel as though the script of ‘Echo Boomers’ was otherwise quite straightforward. The veracity of the narrative did not keep him up at night. But apart from these declarations, we were unable to find a trace of the real events that the movie is supposedly based on.

Savoy, who is passionate about traveling, stated in an interview that he finds his stories by simply living in the moment. He added that initially, people might just think of his movie as a fun and flashy one. However, he hoped that they would also pick up on the political messaging that has been scattered throughout the film. In ‘Echo Boomers,’ Allie Tucker and Ellis Beck create the gang that eventually goes on to steal from the wealthy sect of society.

Initially, the whole point of the heists is to highlight the messed up economy that their generation has been blessed with. However, as the story progresses, the motives of the group also evolve. While in the beginning, they feel as though they are sending a message; ultimately, it is the money and the instant gratification that seduces the faction into continuing their criminal streak. What the script does so well is that it showcases the disillusions of the group. It doesn’t simply portray the characters as black and white.

So while you may start out liking many of them and their anti-establishment causes, eventually, even you, as a viewer, will end up questioning their judgment. Plus, there is no refuting that many in the current generation can relate to the group’s reasoning. After all, we have inherited many dysfunctional but important systems that influence our lives. Be it the economy or the climate crisis, the current youth is all too familiar with the battles that lie ahead.

Another thing that ‘Echo Boomers’ touches on is the inherent selfishness that is part and parcel of the human psyche. Pettyfer stated that even though the movie doesn’t necessarily end on a positive note, the climax plays a much more critical role in making people think and introspect about their own actions. He also added that it is essential for all generations to work together to create a sustainable world.

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