Is Edmund Moseley Dead? Did Nick Cordileone Leave Warrior?

Portrayed by Nick Cordileone, Edmund Moseley is an important supporting character in the third season of the Max (formerly Cinemax) martial arts crime drama series ‘Warrior.’ Moseley is a special agent with the United States Secret Service who arrives in San Francisco pursuing the missing currency press and plates. He loses his partner, Donaldson, during a confrontation with a pair of smugglers carrying fake cash. He later goes to the San Francisco police station to ask for help from the local enforcement.

The new Chief of police doesn’t initially doesn’t realize that this federal agent outranks him. When he tries to intimidate the man, Moseley quickly puts him in his place. He finds Richard Henry Lee (Tom Weston-Jones), and letting the younger man know that he is the only person who can prevent his forced return to Georgia, Moseley recruits him in his search for the plates. If the recent events depicted in ‘Warrior’ have made you wonder whether Moseley is dead and Cordileone has left the series, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Moseley’s Fate in Warrior Remains Uncertain

Inarguably, Moseley is one of the most exciting characters introduced in the third season of ‘Warrior.’ Wickedly funny and intelligent, the man utilizes the vast resources of the federal government in his search for the lost plates. After learning that the plates are most probably in Chinatown, he recruits Lee, and that is not just because Lee knows Chinatown well. Since he joined the force, Lee has staunchly stuck to his personal morality, refusing to be part of the inescapable corruption within the San Francisco police department. Moreover, Lee’s past offered Moseley leverage over him.

With the help of Wang Chao, Hop Wei gets the plates. Chao also seems to be the one who informs the tong about the impending police raid, which allows Ah Sahm to get the plates out in time. In season 3 episode 5, Chao sets up a trap for Moseley and Lee with the help of Happy Jack (Nat Ramabulana), the leader of a drug-trafficking gang on the Barbary Coast and the brother-in-law of Lee’s lover Abigail. Chao invites Lee with the promise of information about the plates, and Moseley accompanies the younger man. He gets ambushed by Happy Jack’s men outside Chao’s establishment, with one of them shooting him at a close range.

As things stand, Moseley has as much chance of surviving as dying. He is a new character introduced only in the second episode of the season. The fans are not likely to miss him. However, at the same time, the character evidently has a lot of potential, and that will all go to waste if he is killed this early. If Moseley survives, he can use this incident to demonstrate to Lee that the younger man is now in his debt. After all, Mosley gets shot because of Lee.

Cordileone’s Return to Warrior Hinges on Moseley’s Survival

If Moseley is dead, we can safely assume that Cordileone has left the show, but if he isn’t, we can expect the actor to appear in several more episodes, at least in this season of ‘Warrior.’ An accomplished stage actor, Cordileone hasn’t appeared on screen since 2009. He regularly shares photos from the production on social media, though he carefully abstains from mentioning any spoilers about his character. In an Instagram post, Cordileone thanked Josh Stoddard, the executive producer of ‘Warrior’ and the actor who portrays Moseley’s late partner, Donaldson, for helping him land his role.

“There is a lot going on here. Ostensibly, a couple of characters are introduced to the coolest show on television,” the actor wrote. “Guns, wit, pulp, blood. But what I see is a 40 year relationship. A brother. A platonic better half. This guy, newly helming a miracle of a highly anticipated third season, the brainchild of one of history’s most iconic legends, casually reaches out and changes my life…for the better…again. And then has the foresight to hop in front of the camera, like old times, to partner up and memorialize an indelible moment. This is my best friend. He just made the next chapter your favorite show.”

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