Is Erica on The Goldbergs Pregnant in Real Life?

Portrayed by Hayley Orrantia, Erica Goldberg is one of the main characters of the ABC sitcom ‘The Goldbergs.’ She is the oldest child of Beverly and Murray Goldberg. Erica is smart and kind but can be quite sarcastic, especially when dealing with her brothers, Adam and Barry. Initially, Erica attends D.C. School of the Arts after high school but leaves college at the end of the fifth season to pursue a career in music as part of the band, The Dropouts, along with her friends, Lainey Lewis and Erica Coolidge. However, the band ultimately doesn’t achieve what its members thought it would, and Erica returns to school, enrolling at William Penn Academy. In later seasons, Erica has experienced several life-changing moments, including marriage and pregnancy. If the latter has made you wonder whether Orrantia is pregnant in real life, we got you covered.

Is Hayley Orrantia Pregnant in Real Life?

As many of you know, ‘The Goldbergs’ is based on the youth and family of the series creator Adam F. Goldberg. Erica is modeled after Goldberg’s brother Eric. The ninth season of the series is an eventful one as far as Erica is concerned. In the 200th episode of the series, Erica and her long-time boyfriend Geoff Schwartz (Sam Lerner) get married. Erica announces her pregnancy in the season 9 finale. As the 10th season begins, it turns out that Beverly’s fear that she will soon have an empty nest is unfounded. Erica and Geoff now live with Beverly, eagerly awaiting the impending parenthood.

“Geoff and Erica, they’re moving back in to sort of save money and get some help when the baby arrives. And Beverly’s going to be that overbearing smother turned into an overbearing grandmother. So we’re excited about that,” co-showrunner Chris Bishop told Entertainment Weekly during an August 2022 interview.

When the 10th season begins, several months have passed since the end of season 9. In the intermediate period, the Goldberg family lost their patriarch. While speaking to Today in September 2022, Orrantia reflected on how this flash forward would affect her character. “We are going to flash forward a little bit so that we can get the best of both worlds where you’re getting elements of Erica and Geoff during the pregnancy and then some with an actual baby,” she stated. “So we’re going to try to sprinkle both in this next season.”

Although there have been some speculations about Orrantia’s pregnancy, nothing has been confirmed either by her or people representing her. Fans claimed that she hid her pregnancy at a dinner with few friends, opting to drink water during toasts. Some even claimed that they spotted Orrantia with a “stomach bulge” while she was out on a dinner date. A few of these speculations started circulating long before her character in ‘The Goldbergs’ became pregnant and eventually turned out to be just that — speculations.

At present, Orrantia is in a relationship with Greg Furman, an actor and composer. In late June 2022, Orrantia announced their engagement on social media, writing, “And then one day you meet someone who makes it all make sense. We’re getting married!”

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