Is Hello Tomorrow’s Vistaville a Real Place?

Apple TV+’s ‘Hello Tomorrow!’ follows the story of a salesman named Jack Billings. He gives people hope about living a better life in a better place and convinces them to buy condos on the Moon. Because of his ability to sweet-talk a person into anything, the clients don’t realize that they are being duped. In fact, Jack has created such a ruse that his own employees don’t know that they are conning people.

Jack has been doing all this for a long time now, but when we meet him, he is in the town of Vistaville. It is revealed that this is where his family lives too, the one that he abandoned so long ago that his grown-up son doesn’t even recognize him. Another unrecognizable thing in the show is the technology that people in it use regularly. If you are wondering whether Vistaville is a real place in America and if it looks anything like the town we see in ‘Hello Tomorrow!’ then here’s what you should know about it.

Vistaville is a Fictional Town

No, Vistaville is not a real town in America. It is a fictional place created specifically for the show, the filming for which took place in New York City and Long Island. In telling the story of ‘Hello Tomorrow!’ the creators wanted to show a technologically advanced world that looks a lot like our idea of utopia. But it is also still the same as our world in some manners. Despite it being retro and futuristic, the audience should be able to relate to the world presented in the TV show, which is why a lot of things were kept rather generic, including the name.

The creators put a lot of thought into showing the town of Vistaville as believable as possible. In it, people are used to things like flying cars and jet packs which is why it is easy to believe someone when they try to sell you a future on the Moon. Amit Bhalla and Lucas Jansen, who developed the show wanted it to have a warm and rusted look. In one instance, when the designers came up with a sleek and scary design for the robots, they rejected it in favor of something that felt more “lived in”. “We wanted the technology to feel lived in. To feel like our phones do — scratched and cracked and whatever. They’re not what comes out of the advertisement,” said Bhalla.

Another thing that the creators wanted to emphasize was the perpetual need of people to hope for something better, to always be on the lookout for a new breakthrough on the horizon that would change their lives. Bhalla explained it as something that has “a lot to do with the American experience” and that’s what the town of Vistaville and its people are supposed to represent. Considering this, it looks like even though it is a fictional place, the makers of ‘Hello Tomorrow!’ created it to reflect the lives and hopes, and dreams of the very real people living in real cities and towns of America.

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