Is Kirsten Jordan Married? Does She Have Children?

Kirsten Jordan made history by becoming the first female broker on Bravo’s ‘Million Dollar Listing New York.’ The Queen of real estate is a dominant force in the industry that she has been a part of for more than 13 years. The digits she plays with will knock your socks off. She has brokered over half a billion dollars in sales and has sold out three developments in New York City that add up to a whopping $100 million.

Since Kirsten is also a real estate investor, she has a well-trained eye for evaluating properties and selling them. While the fairly new reality television personality is reaching for the stars in the professional sphere, it also gets one curious about her relationships and family life. To be uber-successful at work and have harmonious relationships is no easy feat. Here is everything you want to know about Kirsten Jordan’s personal life!

Kirsten Jordan’s Family

Kirsten Jordan is from the beautiful coastal city of Rye in Westchester County, New York. She has also spent parts of her life in different places such as Saint Paul (Minnesota) and Chicago (Illinois); she often frequents Milan in Italy. Kirsten is an alumna of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography.

Kirsten shares a strong bond with her family and spends time with them whenever she gets the opportunity to. She has a brother and possibly two sisters. Her sister Pamela Jordan Ortega is an interior designer with the Rockwell Group. People are amazed by how efficiently Kirsten manages her schedule. She believes the key is to spend quality time with oneself. No matter how busy her day is expected to be, the real estate agent-turned reality television star always sets aside time in the morning to exercise and meditate.

Kirsten Jordan’s Husband

Kirsten Jordan is married to the Italian real estate developer and investor Stefano Farsura. With over two decades of experience in the field, he is also the founder of several real estate businesses. Like Kirsten, Stefano is a licensed associate real estate broker working at Douglas Elliman Real Estate. However, he splits his time between New York City and Milan. The couple has been together since 2008 and got married on June 3, 2011.

Kirsten credits Stefano for her professional success. The couple often collaborates on projects, specifically new developments, which was also Kirsten’s entry point into the real estate industry. She is fluent in Italian and uses her skills to cater to the Italian clientele in New York City. The successful real estate agent has publicly spoken about how she loves to work with her husband. She also ensures that she spends ample time with Stefano’s family.

Kirsten Jordan’s Children

Kirsten and Stefano have three children together, two girls and one boy. Their eldest daughter Sophia was born in 2013, and in 2015 they were blessed with another baby girl, Isabella AKA Biba. The couple welcomed their youngest child Tommaso, who they affectionately call Tommy, in 2017. Kirsten loves to spend time with her husband and kids and travel to different parts of the world. The happy family of five lives in Upper West Side, New York. The supermom has realized the efficacy of her morning routine since it helps her “stay present” with her loved ones.

Kirsten has spoken about her experience as a working mother on several occasions. In the blog named after herself, she shares tips regarding childcare, specifically for mothers working in the real estate industry. There was a time when Kirsten thought she would not be able to work after having three children. But to her surprise, she found that her business has only flourished over the years.

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