Is Kitty Gay or Bisexual in XO, Kitty?

Image Credit: Park Young-Sol/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘XO, Kitty’ follows the adventures of the youngest Song Covey sister, Kitty. After getting into a Korean School called KISS, she leaves America hoping to meet Dae, the boy she’s been in a long-distance relationship with for the past four years. She has a lot of romantic ideas about her time with Dae, but when she arrives in Korea, all her dreams are dashed. She gets a reality check about the complications of life and love, but that’s not the only thing that makes her reconsider the relationship with Dae. Kitty discovers that she likes girls. What does this revelation mean for her future relationships? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Exploring Kitty’s Sexuality

Kitty Song Covey never thought much about her sexuality until she came to Korea. She’d been in a relationship with Dae and never found anyone to have a crush on, leading her to believe she was straight. However, she is forced to reconsider this when she develops feelings for Yuri.

When Kitty comes to Korea, she keeps it a secret from Dae because she wants to surprise him. However, when they meet at the Welcome Party, Kitty discovers that Dae is in a relationship with Yuri. She is devastated, and this leads to animosity between her and Yuri. Kitty suspects their relationship is fake, but her suspicions are never confirmed. She doesn’t know Yuri is gay and is faking the relationship with Dae to keep her family from controversy.

Kitty thinks she might have been wrong about their relationship and decides to move on from Dae and find someone else. The same night, she sees Yuri in a different light. Previously, Yuri had seemed snobbish to Kitty, who hated her for stealing her boyfriend. But at Min Ho’s party, she sees a softer, friendlier side of Yuri and realizes why someone, even Dae, would be attracted to her. Things heat up when Kitty has a sex dream about Yuri.

The dream confuses Kitty, and she wonders if it’s because she was too drunk the previous night. She doesn’t discuss it with anyone because she worries it might be perceived incorrectly. She also tries to shun that thought, focusing on other things. But whenever she comes across Yuri, her feelings rush back, and she finds it difficult to stand too close to her or be in her presence for too long.

Image Credit: Park Young-Sol/Netflix

One of the reasons why Kitty doesn’t discuss it with anyone is because she believes Yuri is straight. But then, she discovers Yuri is gay, and her relationship with Dae is fake. Even when Yuri and Dae break up, and Dae and Kitty get together, she can’t help but think about Yuri. She feels heartbroken when she hears Yuri talk to her girlfriend, Juliana, just like Dae felt when he heard that Kitty wanted to find someone else for herself.

After keeping her feelings to herself for a long time, Kitty finally comes clean to Yuri, but their conversation never culminates in a proper discussion. By the end, Juliana returns, and Kitty is expelled, leaving no room for their romance to blossom. However, the show hints that Kitty’s feelings might not be one-sided. On one occasion, even Juliana wonders if Yuri has developed feelings for Kitty.

Whether or not Kitty and Yuri will get to explore the feelings between them remains to be seen, but for now, the nature of Kitty’s sexuality is clear. She confesses to Dae that she likes girls, but she also likes boys. This means she is not straight, but she is not gay, either. She falls in between the spectrum and is probably bisexual or could be pansexual. In any case, the revelation opens many doors for Kitty to understand herself better.

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