Is Mary Mouser Dating Anyone? Who is Her Boyfriend?

Mary Mouser is a fan-favorite actress who rose to prominence in 2007 after being cast as the child lead in the Hallmark original film ‘A Stranger’s Heart.’ Beginning her career at the age of 5, she got selected as a photo-double for Abigail Breslin’s character in a science fiction horror movie, ‘Signs.’ The now 24-year-old artist already had an impressive resume when she got cast on ABC’s political thriller TV series, ‘Scandal’ as Karen Grant.

Along with that, her flawless performance as Lacey Fleming on ‘Body of Proof’ landed her the significant role of Samantha LaRusso in ‘Cobra Kai.’ If one character made her famous, the other one surely won the hearts of millions. In addition to acting, Mouser has often professed her love for singing and a keen interest in learning to play guitar. While her professional life seems to be flourishing, we got intrigued to dig precious details about her personal one!

Mary Mouser’s Family

Mary Matilyn Mouser was welcomed by her parents, Tina and Scott Mouser, on May 9, 1996, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Self-admittedly, her family’s unconditional support and letting her choose a vocation at her discretion is what pushed her to perform to the best of her ability. Even when she could opt out of acting, Mouser intently listened to her heart’s calling and realized that there is nothing that made her “as excited as acting.” Mouser candidly accepts that her parents’ “open” approach towards the subject helped her feel a sense of freedom while also enjoying her demanding career as a performing artist.

Mouser shares a deeply emotional bond with her clan, including her sister, Laura Ashley Mouser, as well as her brother, Aaron Parker Mouser, who are also immersed in the acting business. She often gives her fans a sneak-peak into the moments she shares with them. In 2009, the actress, unfortunately, got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. However, her family stood by her like a rock, helping her make the necessary changes in her lifestyle. Though Mouser’s dad does not show up on her social media accounts as much as the rest of her family, she has not revealed anything that would hint at a severed relationship.

Mary Mouser’s Boyfriend

Mary Mouser has been blissfully committed to her boyfriend, Brett Pierce, for half a decade. Much like his beau, Pierce is a talented actor, best known for his portrayal of the character Rex in Pop TV’s comedy series ‘This Just In.’ The two crossed paths at a party on November 11, 2015, and were mutually attracted to one another since the moment their eyes met. He gathered up the courage to strike up a conversation with Mouser, whose first impression was that of a “cute, hot, badass chick.” Pierce liked her so much that he ended up mimicking her body language, and naturally, they started dating right away.

On December 19, 2015, Mouser and Pierce finally got the chance to spend an entire day together, and he endearingly took her to “her favorite place in the world, Disneyland,” at the end of which Pierce asked her to be his girlfriend, and she happily agreed. Each year, both celebrate their anniversary by sharing sweet words of appreciation and adoration for each other on their social media accounts. The lovely couple celebrated five years of togetherness in 2020 and posted mushy pictures of their happy moments from each year. Such a treat!

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