Is Mount Echo a Real Place in Virginia? Is Easton a Real County?

Image Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Netflix’s thriller series ‘Echoes’ revolves around identical twins Leni and Gina McCleary, who swap their lives every year secretly, even sharing each other’s husbands. Leni’s life takes a wild turn when Gina disappears, forcing her to be herself among her family members, who live in Mount Echo, after a period of being Gina. Without no other option in front of her, Leni starts to stay in the mountainous region where the twins had grown up. Gina’s disappearance and Leni’s subsequent return to Mount Echo pave the way for several consequences that dictate the fates of the two sisters. As the enthralling show progresses, the viewers must be captivated by the fascinating setting of Mount Echo. If you are eager to know whether it’s a real region, let us share everything about the same!

Is Mount Echo a Real Place in Virginia?

Yes, Mount Echo is a real place. The region is an unincorporated community located in Ohio County, in the state of West Virginia. The place is located along Little Wheeling Creek, a tributary to Wheeling Creek. The region is a part of the Wheeling metropolitan area, which primarily includes the city of Wheeling, situated in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Even though the majority of the show’s narrative is set in the West Virginia region, the limited series was primarily filmed in the city of Wilmington, in the state of North Carolina.

Image Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

The setting of Mount Echo plays a significant part in the narrative of the show as well. The mountainous region and woods add to the dark atmospheric tone of the series, reflecting the mystery that revolves around the actions of Gina and Leni. Gina’s disappearance into the mountain, the significance of the cave in the two sisters’ lives, and the importance fierce river and waterfall all add to the engrossing progression of the show’s narrative. Even though the viewers will not be able to watch the real Mount Echo in the show, the North Carolina locations do justice to the mysterious and eerie appeal of the show’s setting.

Is Easton a Real County?

Image Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

The main setting of the show, specifically Mount Echo which places in and around the region, is part of Easton County. Sheriff Louise Floss and Sheriff Louise Floss are officers of the Easton County Sheriff’s Department. However, Mount Echo is not part of Easton County in reality. The region is a part of Ohio County. Easton is the name of a city located in Northampton County, in the state of Pennsylvania. The place doesn’t have any connection with the show. Thus, we can conclude that Easton County is a fictional county conceived by Vanessa Gazy, the creator of the show.

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