Is My Salinger Year Based on a True Story?

Directed by French-Canadian film director Philippe Falardeau, ‘My Salinger Year’ is a coming of age drama that pays yet another homage to the reclusive American author J. D. Salinger, whose ubiquitous presence in the youth subculture is contradicted by his apathy towards his fans. It is the latest in a long line of films – ‘Salinger’, ‘Rebel in the Rye’, and ‘Coming Through the Rye’ – that try to connect the reader to the titanic personality that is J. D. Salinger.

The film tells the story of Joanna, an aspiring poet, as she moves to New York City and gets a job as an assistant at one of the oldest literary agencies in the city. Unbeknownst to her, the agency also happens to manage the publications of the famous author, which she finds out when she is given the duty of handling fan mails sent to Salinger from all over the globe. Joanna has not read any of his books herself but is deeply moved by the heartfelt letters that are sent to an author who does not care to answer.

While she has been instructed to fill out a generic form response which tells the reader of Salinger’s eremitic disposition, Joanna cannot control the urge to reply to some of the letters herself. A poignant and moving tale about finding one’s authorial voice, the film fuels the imagination of Salinger super-fans as well as blooming artists who are on a journey of becoming. Let us now explore whether ‘My Salinger Year’ is rooted in reality.

Is My Salinger Year Based on a True Story?

Yes, ‘My Salinger Year’ is based on a true story. Adapted for the screen from the eponymous autobiographical account of Joanna Rakoff, the film remains very much tethered to reality. The name of the protagonist is also kept as it is, and while some aspects of the book are purposefully changed or dramatized, alterations in the narrative have been kept to a minimum. The book, as the film, follows Joanna, a 23-years-old recent graduate, who is immature and preoccupied with the dream of becoming a published poet.

She moves out of her hometown of Berkeley, California, and obtains a job in Harold Ober Associates, one of the Manhattan district’s most revered literary agencies. While working as an assistant in the Agency under the strict mentorship of Phyllis Westberg (the inspiration behind Sigourney Weaver’s Margaret in the film), who manages the correspondence of the quasi-mythical and formidable author Jerome D. Salinger, Joanna embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

In both the film and the book, we see the character of Joanna precariously balancing her professional life of glamour and her personal life of hardship as she gracefully walks along with the giants, never letting self-doubt get in the way. When Joanna is trusted with the duty of discarding an overwhelming amount of fan mails sent to Jerry (the name by which J. D. is referred to in the Agency) and returning a drab and discouraging pre-formatted response, a world of intrigue lays itself bare in front of her.

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One of the greatest literary icons of his time, J. D. Salinger’s persona is shrouded by obscurity and controversy. While his book ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ is one of the celebrated classics of American literary canon, it was reportedly banned by schools in the US due to the explicit profanity used by the disillusioned and cynical young protagonist Holden Caulfield. With the book being tied to the murder of John Lennon, the obsessive fans of the book were believed to show psychopathic tendencies.

However, profoundly affected by heart-wrenching accounts of fans from all over the world, Joanna finds herself unable to resist the temptation of writing back to the fans. She discards the template and trusts her artistic instinct while speaking to the readers. This urge to communicate with the readers, in turn, brings out the author in her, and she finds her voice in the process of mimicking Salinger’s. ‘My Salinger Year’ beautifully touches upon the real-life Joanna Rakoff’s creative journey.

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