Secrets in the Water: Is the 2021 Movie Based on a Real Case?

Harm looms menacingly at every corner, even in the seemingly bright lives of two best friends in a seaside town. ‘Secrets in the Water’ follows the lives of best friends Mia and Bailey, and the unfortunate murder of Mia is a riveting tale showcasing that everything may not be as it seems. When Mia’s dead body washes ashore, her mother, Laura, tries to connect the dots and find the killer of her daughter. Amidst the secrets, lies, and deceit, the 2021 movie follows twisted schemes and uncovers how those closest to you can sometimes be the most dangerous for you.

Directed by Michael Feifer, the movie follows the struggles of a desolate mother who doesn’t just have to deal with the loss of her daughter but also comes to terms with the brutality of her passing. With little help to turn to, Laura embarks upon a journey on her own to trace the reason for her daughter’s abrupt passing. As secrets begin to uncover and truths become too heavy to digest, the pace changes for drama and thrill to evolve. As the storyline builds and secrets of Mia’s murder begin to reveal, fans wonder whether or not the story has any true origins. if you’re wondering the same, we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Inspiration Behind Secrets in the Water

Yes, ‘Secrets in the Water’ is based on a true story. With the screenplay and story written by Scotty Mullen, the thrilling premise is actually inspired by true events. Albeit the inspiration isn’t drawn from specific characters, several stories alluding to murders, like that of Mia, have erupted in the past, giving creators the creative liberty to create a storyline along such lines. When Mia’s acceptance letter to an art school comes, she leaves to celebrate with her friends, only to never return. An alarmed mother, Laura, alerts the town sheriff, and the search for Mia begins.

It isn’t too late until Mia’s body washes up on the shore and chaos ensues. When Mia’s secret boyfriend, Kleo, shows up at her wake, Laura enlists the help of her daughter’s best friend, Bailey, to uncover the truth. As pieces of the story begin to unravel and the blame shifts from an unknown perpetrator to Kleo, more secrets erupt. However, a staged death and revelations of Bailey’s jealousy toward Mia show that despite the glistening facade of friendship, the treacherous contempt ran deep. When confronted with her daughter’s killer, Laura finds out that Bailey has no remorse and would do it again in a heartbeat.

While the story brings justice to Mia’s untimely end, it showcases that many a time, we remain oblivious to the truth. In a number of true incidents across the country, several people have time and again faced a grim end on such pretexts. From high school students stabbing their friend simply because they didn’t like her to countless incidents reported on murders done on the pretext of jealousy and contempt, there are several real-life incidents that contributed to the making of the story.

Like Mia, many victims do not anticipate such an end and are often caught off-guarded to be confronted by those closest to them. Naturally, the ensuing predicament doesn’t just affect the families of the victims but also leaves the perpetrators facing the music. So, the story of Mia, whose life would have only begun with acceptance into an art school, was rapidly cut short by her closest friend. Even though the movie has been inspired by true events, the writer and director of ‘Secrets in the Water’ have taken creative liberties to embellish the characters to accentuate the storyline and add more thrill to the movie.

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