Is Sherri Papini Still Married? Where Is Her Husband Now?

When Sherri Papini went missing on November 2, 2016, her husband, Keith Papini, seemed quite worried about his wife. During the search, he cooperated with the authorities and looked visibly relieved when Sherri suddenly reappeared 22 days later. ABC’s ’20/20: Missing Mom’ chronicles the incident and shows how it affected Keith Papini. However, since her return, Sherri has been accused of fabricating the whole incident, making many people wonder whether she is still with Keith. Well, we come bearing answers.

Is Sherri Papini Still Married?

Yes, from the looks of it, Sherri Papini is still married to Keith, and the couple is going strong. According to the show, Sherri and Keith’s marriage was never in trouble, and the two shared an excellent relationship. Being proud parents to adorable kids brought them closer, and neighbors stated that they never witnessed any altercation or quarrel. At the time of Sherri’s disappearance, Keith worked at a local Best Buy as an Audio-Video specialist and resided along with his family in Redding, California.

When Keith returned home from work on November 2, 2016, he was surprised to find neither his wife nor his children at home. He immediately called the daycare and learned that Sherri had never gone there to pick the children up. Anxious and worried, Keith soon involved law enforcement and hoped for Sherri’s safe return. Throughout the initial police investigation, he did his best to help officers and was always at the forefront of the search for his wife.

Surprisingly, on November 24, 2016 — 22 days after her disappearance — Sherri reappeared in Yolo County near Woodland. She had a chain around her waist with other restraints on her wrists and ankles. Her body was badly bruised, and the police noticed ligature marks on her wrists. Moreover, her hair was cut short, while a closer medical examination showed a burn on her left arm and a brand on her right shoulder. Keith seemed delighted to get his wife back and was visibly relieved.

The doting husband put out a public statement thanking everyone for their help before mentioning the severity of his wife’s injuries. Besides, according to the show, Keith even stated that after a month of intense media coverage, the family wanted some privacy to get over the incident. Since then, Keith had been spotted with Sherri in public, and the couple seemingly eased back into everyday life. To the outside world, the Papinis once again appeared to be a happy family, enjoying life with their children.

However, the investigation soon took a turn as the police were unable to find the two Hispanic women that Sherri claimed had kidnapped her. Upon her reappearance, officers had extracted foreign male DNA from her body which led straight to an ex-boyfriend. The boyfriend claimed that Sherri had spent the days between November 2 to 24 at his house in Orange County on her insistence.

Furthermore, the man’s cousin also mentioned witnessing Sherri there and stated that she was not being kept against her will. Once the police found evidence supporting the ex-boyfriend’s claim, they talked to Sherri and warned her how lying to a federal officer was a federal crime. Still, Sherri stuck to her story, and Keith supported his wife in every way.

Where Is Her Husband Now?

The police believed that Sherri Papini had fabricated the kidnapping incident. Moreover, she had also withdrawn over $30,000 from the California Victim’s Compensation Board between 2017 to 2021. Thus, with enough evidence on their hands, authorities arrested Sherri in March of 2022 and charged her with lying to a federal officer and engaging in mail fraud.

The complaint that details the criminal charges against Sherri does not accuse anyone else of being involved. Moreover, although the U.S. Attorney’s Office refrained from giving a statement on Keith, they confirmed that he was not being charged in any way. Hence, from the looks of it, Keith is still in California and has continued supporting his wife through recent developments.

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