Is Snowdrop on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO Max?

Directed by Jo Hyun-tak, ‘Snowdrop’ is a South Korean TV show about two individuals meeting under dangerous circumstances. Set against the political upheaval of 1987, Eun Yeong-ro chances upon an injured Lim Soo-ho, who then finds refuge in her dorm room at her women’s university. However, there are secrets waiting to be unraveled. Owing to the politics involved, the show became a topic of controversy. However, it is lauded for stellar performances by the cast that includes Jung Hae-in, Jisoo, Yoo In-na, Jang Seung-jo, among others. If you want to watch the show online, here are all the streaming options available!

What Is Snowdrop About?

The series kicks off in 1987, which witnessed the June 1987 Democracy Movement. The movement was all about convincing the dictatorship in South Korea to organize fair elections. It eventually resulted in the December 1987 democratic elections and the commencement of the democratic Sixth Republic of Korea. Amidst such political fervor, Lim Soo-ho encounters Eun Yeong-ro, a female university student who hides him from the government in her dorm room. They soon fall in love despite Soo-ho’s questionable past. Here is how you can watch this show online!

Is Snowdrop on Netflix?

‘Snowdrop’ is not a part of Netflix’s current offerings as of now. However, there are other romantic drama series on the platform, such as ‘Nevertheless‘ and ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.’

Is Snowdrop on Disney+?

Yes, ‘Snowdrop’ is a part of Disney+’s regular offerings; therefore, you can watch the show here.

Is Snowdrop on Amazon Prime Video?

Since the show is not available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, you can instead opt for shows such as ‘Replay‘ and ‘Risky Romance.’ Both the series are a part of IMDb TV and can be watched for free with ads.

Is Snowdrop on Hulu?

‘Snowdrop’ is not accessible on the streaming platform; thus, you can explore alternatives like ‘Boys Over Flowers,’ a drama series about a girl finding love and friendship at her new school. It is available on the streamer here.

Is Snowdrop on HBO Max?

No, HBO Max does not offer ‘Snowdrop’ to its subscribers. However, if you’re looking for Korean shows, you can watch ‘Sermon on the Mount,’ a tale about faith and philosophy here.

Where to Watch Snowdrop Online?

‘Snowdrop’ is exclusively available on Disney+, so there are no other streaming options as of now. You can visit the platform and watch it here.

How to Stream Snowdrop for Free?

Since Disney+ solely houses ‘Snowdrop,’ you can’t watch the series free of cost on any platform. In addition, we don’t recommend our readers to use illegal means to watch their desired TV shows and movies.

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