Is Teagan Croft’s Rachel Roth Leaving Titans?

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As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. We have often seen Rachel Roth AKA Raven on ‘Titans’ struggle to get a hold of her supernatural strengths. The troubled teen with unusual abilities has often wreaked havoc because she is unable to control her powers. Teagan Croft has been portraying the character of Rachel Roth from the very first episode. And after the events of the second season’s finale, Rachel is hardly seen in the third installment. Could it be because Teagan Croft is leaving the show? Here is everything we have gathered!

What Happened to Rachel Roth?

Initially, Dick Grayson takes Rachel under his wing as she attempts to gain control over her powers; they even come together to form a group of superheroes. However, the season 2 finale marks a significant change in Rachel’s life. When Donna AKA Wonder Girl dies trying to save Dawn AKA Dove, Rachel sees her ability to heal as something that might bring Donna back to life. So, as Donna’s mortal remains are taken to Themyscira, Rachel decides to go along in the hope of reviving her.

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Rachel bids farewell to Dick, Gar, and the others, before taking off on a jet with Jillian. For a good part of the third season, Rachel is still in the Amazonian land, where she works on herself and brings her powers under control. How much she has evolved becomes quite evident in the ninth episode of season 3 titled ‘Souls’ as she uses her powers as Raven to rebuild the soul statue at Themyscira.

However, in episode 11, she feels her powers going a little haywire once again when she locates one of the Lazarus Pits. Rachel feels her connection to Dick weakening but knows that he is hurt. Whether or not she will be able to save Dick Grayson remains to be seen. But does all of this mean that Teagan Croft’s onscreen character is being written off the show?

Is Teagan Croft Leaving Titans?

Currently, there is no news corroborating that Teagan Croft is moving on from the series. But in August 2021, showrunner Greg Walker revealed why Rachel’s character is temporarily kept out of the frame for most of season 3. He said, “Well, there’s fewer people. More storylines for the people who are there.” He further explained, “… you can’t tell 10 huge character stories throughout the season…So the idea is to kind of spread those out and really focus on a character for a while.”

Walker added, “Give the character spotlight episodes, and then bring them in at different times. And that’s clearly what happened with Rachel and Donna’s stories this season.” Therefore, this seems like the only reason we haven’t seen much of Croft’s Rachel around. Apparently, the presence of Starfire, Beast Boy, and Superboy have also been toned down to some extent. Moreover, although Rachel went to Themyscira to help Donna, her experience there was much-needed for her own growth as well.

With Rachel’s return, there is also the matter of her romance with Gar AKA Beast Boy that can be taken to a whole new level. All in all, there is a lot to look forward to as far as Rachel is concerned. As for Croft, it appears that she has exciting things happening on the professional front. She worked on a couple of short films, including ‘Woman of a Certain Sage’ and ‘Bella and Bernie.’

The actress will be seen in the biographical drama ‘True Spirit,’ where she portrays the lead character, Jessica Watson. But we believe that none of this indicates that Croft will not be a part of ‘Titans.’ As Walker explained, the storyline of the superhero show will focus on different characters at various points in time. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before Rachel AKA Raven, and thus, Teagan Croft, is back in the spotlight.

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