Is The Wedding Coach Host Jamie Lee Married? Who is Her Husband?

Jamie Lee is a comedian, writer, and actress who is known for her work in shows like ‘Crashing,’ ‘Ridiculousness,’ and ‘The Girl Code,’ to name a few. The veteran comedian has appeared on multiple late-night shows as a stand-up comic, hosted shows like ‘10 Things’ on TruTV, and has even worked for comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld. More recently, she has landed her own Netflix reality show called ‘The Wedding Coach,’ which she hosts.

The show takes inspiration from her 2016 book ‘Weddiculous: The Unfiltered Guide to Being a Bride’ and draws on her own wedding experiences to help soon-to-be-wed couples navigate the ups and downs of planning a wedding. Jamie is a quirky and helpful host on her show, pitching in to save other couples’ romantic big day, but what about her own? If you’re curious about the “Wedding Coach’s” own wedding story, we’ve got you covered.

Jamie Lee’s Former Relationship

Before meeting her husband, Jamie met veteran comedian Pete Holmes in 2009 at a comedy show in Manhattan where she was performing. Being relatively new to the comedy circuit, she appreciated the validation from a senior when he laughed at one of her goofy jokes. Months later, when they met at a friend’s party, the two got along roaringly, doing comedic bits and even calling Jamie’s mother, who had recently watched Pete perform.

The two clicked together so well that they soon started dating, falling for each other’s sense of humor. However, Jamie soon started to suspect that her peers considered her relationship with Holmes to be ambitious in nature, with Holmes helping Jamie further her comedy career. Her fears were confirmed when a prominent comedian joked about the very same and received a very supportive slow clap from one of her peers. When Holmes recommended her for a show a few weeks later, things came to a head, and they soon broke up.

Image Credit: Crashing/HBO

A few months later, however, the two got back in touch regarding a parody project they had briefly worked on in the past called ‘Kid Farm.’ Pete then asked Jamie to come on as a writer for ‘Crashing,’ a show he was creating for HBO and also starring in. Jamie mentioned later that she realized that the two don’t work well as a couple but work well as colleagues and went on to even star alongside Holmes in season 2 of ‘Crashing.’

Jamie Lee’s Husband

Jamie Lee is married to comedian and self-proclaimed “King of Content” Dan Black. The two got engaged on December 23, 2014, and finally tied the knot on April 30, 2016, spending their honeymoon in Mexico. During their long engagement period, they lived together in California with their pet dog Dennis and worked on their respective careers. The comedic couple currently does not have any kids and is often seen boosting each other’s work on social media.

Dan has a successful career as an improv comedian as well as an actor, his work ranging from performing on ‘The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ and ‘The Pete Holmes Show’ to featuring in TruTV’s ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ and TLC’s ‘Cake Boss.’ He and Jamie have also hosted a monthly stand-up show together called ‘Date Night with Dan Black and Jamie Lee.’

Jamie got the inspiration for her book ‘Weddiculous: The Unfiltered Guide to Being a Bride’ from the year and a half lead-up to her wedding between 2014 and 2016 whilst being engaged. Already planning to write a book with her friend, comedian Jacqueline Novak, the two agreed to explore the roller coaster ride of planning and executing a wedding. The book went on to feature as number 1 on Bustle Magazine’s list of best wedding books in April 2017 and was eventually the inspiration for the Netflix show ‘The Wedding Coach,’ which Jamie hosts.

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