Is Uncle Dale From OutDaughtered Married? Does He Have Children?

All the fans of ‘OutDaughtered’ will agree that the show is not the same without the famous uncle of the Busby girls, Dale Mills, better known as Uncle Dale. Known for his quick wit and funny antics, there is never a dull moment with him around. Dale happens to be Danielle Busby’s brother-in-law. We do not see him in every episode, but it is evident that he is an important part of life for the Busbys. Being one of the go-to people for the Busby girls has also earned him a spot in the hearts of the fans. Naturally, they want to know more about him and his family. So here is what we’ve got!

Dale Mills’s Wife

Dale Mills is married to Crystal Mills, who is Danielle Busby’s sister. Crystal, affectionately called Aunt KiKi, comes across as the grounding factor in Dale’s life. The couple met when they were teenagers and have been together ever since. Dale thanks Danielle for bringing Crystal into his life. He openly expresses his gratitude to Crystal for standing by his side all the years.

According to Dale, Crystal fell for him when he was at a low point in his life. They were 19, and at the time, he was living with three of his friends in Lake Charles. After more than 11 years of marriage and many more years of togetherness, the couple is still madly in love. In an Instagram post celebrating their marriage anniversary, Dale said that they have “made a great life together,” and he cannot wait to see what lies ahead. Crystal also has a twin sister Ashley, and together with Danielle, they co-own a fitness clothing company called CADi Fitness.

Dale Mills’s Children

Apart from being a great uncle, Dale is also a proud father to two kids, a daughter McKenzie and a son Bronson. Both the Mills siblings are sports enthusiasts and play basketball. While McKenzie also plays volleyball, Bronson is quite the baseball star and plays for the Aces. The brother and sister are often seen participating in various tournaments. Dale and Crystal are attentive parents who love to be there at their kids’ games and proudly show them off to the world.

On being asked if Dale wants to expand his family, he clarified that he does not want any more children. He decided to have a vasectomy after the Busbys got pregnant with the quintuplets. However, he is extremely happy and content with his family and loves the Busby girls. As seen in the show, Danielle and her sisters live close by, and their respective families often come together for grand family trips. In January 2021, the Mills welcomed the family’s newest member, an adorable pup named Kobe.

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