Is Wilmer Valderrama’s Nick Torres Leaving NCIS?

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The third episode of CBS’ thriller series ‘NCIS’ season 20 depicts the NCIS’ efforts to catch two “treasure hunters,” who have killed one of their accomplices in pursuit of the hidden treasure. As the two criminals set out to find a shipping employee named Daniel Vega to smuggle the treasure back, they encounter Special Agent Nick Torres and his therapist Dr. Grace. Since Daniel is Grace’s patient, the two thieves try to find his whereabouts from the therapist, only for Torres to interfere and attempt to save Grace. Torres’ interference, however, paves the way for alarming consequences, making the viewers fearful about Wilmer Valderrama’s possible exit from the show. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same!

What Happened to Nick Torres?

To discover Daniel Vega’s whereabouts, the two thieves try to abduct Dr. Grace. Torres, who is also a patient of the therapist, tries to help her but the criminals take the two of them hostage. They get locked up in an unrevealed establishment. The criminals threaten to kill them if Grace doesn’t reveal Daniel’s current location for them to retrieve the treasure. Grace tries to make it clear that Daniel isn’t psychologically healthy enough to help them but they wouldn’t hear any of it. Meanwhile, one of the two thieves shoots at Torres, who gets badly hurt.

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However, Torres gets saved from the criminals as Kasie Hines proves her caliber again to find the unrevealed location where the special agent is confined. His NCIS colleagues help him get out of the place, enabling him to treat his gunshot wound. Still, he has a bandage to support his hand and he cannot join duty for two weeks. Upon watching Torres’ near-death experience, admirers must be wondering whether the character’s time in the show is coming to an end. The two-week break may add fuel to the worry as well. On that note, let us share what we know about Wilmer Valderrama’s future in the show.

Is Wilmer Valderrama Leaving NCIS?

As of now, neither CBS nor Wilmer Valderrama has announced the departure of the actor from ‘NCIS.’ Even though Torres is badly hurt and may need to spend his time on the sideline, it is not necessarily an indication that the actor will be leaving the show even temporarily. The fourth episode of the twentieth season may start after a two-week time jump for Torres to return to the team. Even if that’s not the case, his non-NCIS life can still be a part of the upcoming episodes’ storyline. Since his injury is not severe, we may not need to worry about it causing any more trouble to challenge Torres’ career at NCIS.

Image Credit: Karen Neal/CBS

As a special agent, it isn’t a surprise that Torres has to put his life on the line to deal with criminals of unignorable potency. Naturally, to increase tension and drama in the show’s narrative, injuries and near-death experiences might have been in store for Torres or for any of his colleagues for that matter. In this case, Torres’ injury must have been conceived only to increase the tension of the episode rather than to indicate the supposed departure of the character. Since there isn’t any indication from Valderrama or CBS that the actor’s time in the show is coming to an end, we believe that Valderrama will most likely continue featuring in ‘NCIS.’

In December 2021, Valderrama announced that he will serve as an actor and executive producer of Disney’s ‘Zorro,’ the reimagining of the eponymous Disney-ABC series that aired in the 1950s. Since then, admirers of the actor have been worrying whether Valderrama will leave ‘NCIS’ to join the Disney show. But there aren’t any announcements from the actor or the network’s side to state that it will happen.

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