Isabelle Eacrett: Where is the Alabama Student Now?

The University of Alabama is not only known for its educational excellence but also for the several sorority groups that have significantly shaped its culture. Max’s ‘Bama Rush’ tries to capture a fascinating aspect of Greek life on campus called Rush Week, wherein students must participate in various activities and events to be recruited by their preferred sorority.

Four unique students are the primary highlight of the documentary, as they take the audience through their prep for sorority rushing and talk about the various challenges they face. Specifically, Isabelle Eacrette’s remarkable journey depicted in the film has intrigued many about her and her latest adventures. So let’s find the answers to that, shall we?

Who is Isabelle Eacrett?

Born and raised in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Isabelle Eacrett graduated from Los Osos High School in 2022 and moved to Alabama to attend The University of Alabama (AU). Since she was from another state, she wanted to fit into the Southern culture, mainly because it is an intrinsic part of sorority life at The AU. Hence, the freshman hired a Rush Consultant, AKA Recruitment Coach, to help her prepare for the upcoming Rush Week. Interestingly, being a sorority member was more than just a co-curricular activity for Isabelle — she wanted to be a part of a genuine community and find loyal support and friendship.

As a result, the California native decided to rush for those sororities that resonated with her ideals and values. Furthermore, Isabelle wanted to break the notion that Greek life is all fun parties and pretentious characters and wanted to contribute to society. Given her amicable nature, she quickly made friends and started blending in with her peers in college. But unbeknown to anyone, the period before and during Rush Week was pretty challenging for the teenager as she tried her best to cope with a recent painful experience.

Isabelle shared on the documentary that just two weeks before she arrived at The AU, she had been sexually assaulted back home. Sadly, she barely got time to process her trauma and was thrown into adjusting to college life shortly after. Thus, being recruited to a sorority became even more important to her as she yearned for the support of like-minded, dynamic women who would help her strengthen her self-worth. Despite the countless rumors about the documentary showing the university in a bad light, Isabelle placed her faith in director Rachel Fleit.

The teenager continued filming secretly and simultaneously dedicated her time to networking, entering Rush Week with utmost confidence. Out of all the four participants in the movie, she is the only one whose rush experience was partially covered by the production team. Nevertheless, Isabelle’s hard work paid off — after she narrowed down her top two choices, she received a bid from her preferred sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, finally getting recruited by them.

Isabelle Eacrett is Focusing on Her Sorority Work and Studies Now

We are happy to report that Isabelle Eacrett is currently a proud sophomore and has successfully completed one year as a sorority sister with Alpha Delta Pi. In fact, she now looks forward to recruiting new members in the next Rush Week and has fully immersed herself in her duties. Interestingly, Isabelle often shares snippets of her sorority life in her TikTok videos and has repeatedly expressed gratitude for the friends she has gained.

In a May 2023 interview with Her Campus, the California native said, “I have actually met all of my best friends through my sorority, and I’ve had the best time ever. Everyone’s really empowering, and I feel like I’m pushed to be my best self.” Isabelle is highly grateful for the documentary’s impact on her life and feels it has kickstarted relevant conversations about women’s stories.

Apart from her sorority work and studies, Isabelle has also opened up about her sexual assault online, hoping that her ordeal would help others feel heard and not alone. It is heartwarming to see how Isabelle has overcome her pain and found a meaningful purpose she is proud of, and we hope happiness never eludes her.

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