Jackie Markham: What Happened to Her? Has She Been Found?

Jackie Markham, a cherished mother and grandmother, disappeared in December 2000 while leading a fulfilling life and managing her own business. The individual she was romantically involved with received a call from her, stating that a male acquaintance, who was intoxicated, had visited her house. However, when her boyfriend arrived, Jackie was nowhere to be found. ID’s ‘Disappeared’ episode titled ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ delves into the case and the subsequent investigation into Jackie’s disappearance, exploring whether foul play was a factor according to the police.

Jackie Markham Left Work Early on the Day of Her Disappearance

Jackie Markham, born on August 29th, 1949, got married at the young age of 15, starting a family that eventually grew to include three children. Initially residing in Jacksonville, Florida, with her first husband, as the children matured, differences arose in their relationship, leading to her divorce by the late 1970s. Committed to single-handedly raising her children, Jackie’s life took a new turn when she met Larry, and the two married sometime in the mid-1980s.

Larry and Jackie’s relationship resembled a rollercoaster, marked by frequent separations and reunions. They navigated the complexities of marriage, experiencing divorces and subsequent remarriages, with their final divorce occurring in 1999. As her children had grown and established their own lives, Jackie decided to relocate closer to them in Callahan, Florida, allowing for greater proximity to her two grandchildren. In 2000, she purchased a house in Spring Lake Estates and secured employment as a dispatcher at Cheetah Transportation. Those who knew her, including family, friends, and colleagues, affirmed her dedication to work and her unwavering commitment to fulfilling her responsibilities.

By December 2000, Jackie had been casually seeing a man named Archie Carroll for approximately 10 months. On December 14, she left work early, informing her friends that she wasn’t feeling well and was experiencing severe back pain. Subsequently, she visited a drug store to pick up medication, leaving the store around 6:50 p.m. Shortly after, Archie received a call from her, describing a tense situation where a man named Richard, who was intoxicated, was in her house. She explicitly told him not to come over. Despite her warning, Archie decided to go to her house. Upon arrival, he found her car in the garage with the purchased medicines, but Jackie was nowhere to be found.

Archie, possessing a key to Jackie’s house, opted to spend the night there, anticipating her return. He interpreted Jackie’s mention of Richard as another man she had been involved with. Concerned when she didn’t reappear the following day, he contacted her children to express his worry about their mother. Additionally, on that same day, Archie filed a missing person report with the police.

Jackie Markham’s Case is Still Being Investigated

After conducting a comprehensive search of the house, the police observed that Jackie Markham’s purse, the outfit she wore that day, and her phone were all missing. She hadn’t reported to work, and there was no communication with friends or family. Notably, her jewelry, which was placed on a porcelain plate near the sink, suggested that she had returned home. The discovery of tire marks in the backyard led the police to suspect foul play in her disappearance.

The initial person interviewed by the police was Richard, as mentioned by Archie Carroll. However, Richard had alibi witnesses confirming he was at home on the night of the disappearance, and he also passed a voice analysis test. As a result, the police shifted their focus to Archie. They discovered that on the morning of December 15, before filing the missing person report, Archie had contacted a neighbor, requesting them to check the house for any signs indicating Jackie’s whereabouts. This raised suspicion, leading the police to bring Archie in for questioning as well.

Archie’s assertion about the phone conversation could not be substantiated, claiming they had spoken over the landline, and he also did not pass the voice analysis test. However, the test results were deemed inadmissible in court and insufficient to consider him a person of interest. At a point when the police had exhausted leads, a week after her disappearance, they discovered Jackie’s purse near Jaxport in Jacksonville, Florida—just 15 miles from her residence. It was an area she never frequented and quite out of her usual route. Inside the purse, her credit cards and ID cards were recovered.

In January 2001, the police apprehended a registered sex offender named Ross Lane Emerson, suspecting his involvement in the murder of Katrina Benson. Tracking his whereabouts around the time of Jackie’s disappearance, they noted his presence in the vicinity of her house, residing in a boxcar near the location where her purse was discovered. When questioned, Emerson maintained his innocence, asserting no connection to Jackie, and the police officers found no evidence to dispute his claims. Unfortunately, Emerson took his own life in October 2001, marking one of the final leads the police were able to pursue in the investigation.

In 2002, authorities released a surveillance video captured at a convenience store in Callahan. The footage depicted a man, weeks after Jackie’s disappearance, taking her missing person poster, approaching the cashier, and informing them that the police should investigate the woods behind Jackie’s house. While the individual is not currently considered a suspect, law enforcement believes he may possess valuable information about Jackie’s disappearance. Her case remains open and is actively under investigation.

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