Jaime Osuna: Where is the Killer Now?

As the true crime docuseries ‘World’s Most Evil Prisoners’ delves into the haunting stories of some of the most horrid criminals in the prison system, Jaime Osuna, a dangerous convicted killer, becomes the subject of the first episode, titled ‘Osuna.’ Convicted of a gruesome murder and admitted to having perpetrated multiple murders and a number of other crimes, Osuna remains one of the most feared criminals whose crimes have persisted even within prison bars. In the show, through various interviews with related individuals and experts, the narrative explores the killer’s crimes, presenting a dive into his criminal history and inciting a natural curiosity among viewers regarding his current whereabouts.

Jaime Osuna Pled Guilty to a Gruesome Murder in 2017

On November 13, 2011, in California, the police found Yvette Pena’s dead body in the El Morocco Motel on Golden State Avenue. The 36-year-old victim was a mother of six kids and was discovered to have died of blunt force injuries, sharp force wounds, and asphyxia. Reportedly, authorities described her death as “truly horrific.” Five days later, the police surrounded an apartment in West Bakersfield and arrested the perpetrator behind the horrible murder, 23-year-old Jaime Osuna. Although the accused admitted he had been the last person to see Pena alive, he maintained his innocence, pleading not guilty.

Jaime Osuna//ImageCredit:KGET News/YouTube

Nevertheless, Osuna was charged with Pena’s murder and spent almost six years in the Kern County jail. However, in 2017, his case took a turn when he did an interview with LaVoice and declared he would be pleading guilty to Pena’s murder. Previously facing the death penalty — on account of the tortuous nature of the crime — Osuna’s decision to plead guilty ensured a life sentence without the possibility of parole and spared lengthy trial proceedings. Even so, he emphasized that his decision had nothing to do with Pena’s family but rather only his preference for prison over county jail.

In fact, reports mention that Osuna mocked Pena’s family during his hearing, making it clear that he held no remorse for his actions. The killer affirmed the same in his interview before the trial, where he said, “I recognize myself as one who is not afraid to indulge himself without the consequences and let society mold him into, as laws change, and as society changes, people change with it.” In the end, Osuna pled guilty to five felony charges: murder, attempted murder, making threats, assault with a deadly weapon, and trying to dissuade a witness. He was sentenced on May 15, 2017, the date of Pena’s birthday, as requested by the victim’s family.

Jaime Osuna is Accused of Killing His Cellmate in 2019

After Yvette Pena’s murder trial, Jaime Osuna moved to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s custody and was transported to Kings County’s Corcoran State Prison. There, 44-year-old Luis Romero became his cellmate. Romero had been in the prison system for 27 years for killing a woman in a Los Angeles shooting. On March 9, 2019, the prison guards found a grisly scene inside Osuna’s prison cell, where he is accused of brutally murdering Romero and heavily desecrating his body.

Jaime Osuna//ImageCredit:KGET News/YouTube

As per reports, Osuna allegedly beheaded Romero and removed his body parts, wearing several of them as a necklace around his neck. Furthermore, he is alleged to have written phrases: “Hahaha” and “the man with a thousand faces” on the wall with the victim’s blood. The latter phrase is now used as a moniker for Osuna in association with her ghastly crimes. Although Osuna initially wanted to plead not guilty for the crime, he ended up changing track in 2020. However, during one of the hearings at Kings County Superior Court, he made the disturbing request of possession of the photos from Romero’s murder crime scene. Nonetheless, the court denied his request.

Jaime Osuna is Serving a Life Sentence Without Parole

Following Romero’s killing, the authorities found Jaime Osuna incompetent to stand trial in 2021 on account of his extensive medical records. According to experts, a correlation persisted between Osuna’s lack of medication and the increase in psychosis. Furthermore, a psychiatrist diagnosed the accused with unspecified schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Therefore, after coming to the conclusion that he couldn’t help his legal team, the authorities suspended criminal proceedings for the case.

For the same reason, rather than continuing with the trial, Osuna was deemed incompetent to appear in court and saw a transfer to Salinas Valley State Prison’s psychiatric inpatient program. Yet, even though he was considered to be restored to competency a few months later, the trial remained tumultuous after he fired his attorney in June 2022. Additionally, his new attorney contested his client’s psychiatric competency.

Therefore, Osuna continues to serve his life sentence at California’s Corcoran State Prison. Since his sentence excludes the possibility of parole, he is set to remain behind bars for life. Still, in December 2023, the authorities had to reduce a year from his sentence in a necessary resentencing following a 2020 change to the law addressing prior prison terms enhancements. Around the same time, a conference was held, including attorneys and other officials connected to Osuna’s case, to discuss the pursuit of the death penalty for Osuna. Currently, he remains charged with Romero’s murder and is serving a life sentence for Pena’s murder.

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