Jake Cornish: Where is the Love Island UK Contestant Now?

‘Love Island UK’ has easily become a fan favorite thanks to the ups and downs that the contestants have to face to find love. However, few seasons have gained as much attention as the eleventh one, which is known as ‘Love Island: All Stars.’ Available on Peacock, this particular season features some of the most beloved cast members from the past seasons, including Jake Cornish, who first appeared in the seventh season of the British series and was one of the first people to enter the star-studded season 11. However, his early and unexpected exit has made the world curious about what he has been up to these days.

Jake Cornish’s Love Island UK Journey

For Jake Cornish, his journey in the ‘Love Island UK’ season 7 actually started on a great note. During the very first coupling ceremony, he was partnered with Liberty Poole, who fell for him hard and fast. However, the same could not be said for Jake, who had his reservations when it came to Liberty. Nevertheless, the two continued exploring their connection and were the first couple in the season to officially become exclusive in a relationship, with Liberty feeling giddy over being Jake’s girlfriend.

However, things were not that simple between the two, as Jake’s comments about Liberty’s personality during the Casa Amor test made the latter wonder if her boyfriend truly loved her. While he was able to reassure her, stating, “You’re my girlfriend. You’re part of me,” many could not help but doubt Jake’s dedication. While Jake and Liberty had only been partnered with each other throughout the season, Jake’s aversion to Liberty’s “messy habits” and accent ultimately led the two to have a proper conversation during their final date.

While every other final couple on the show seemed to be falling deeper into love, Jake and Liberty admitted that it was time for them to separate, with Liberty especially claiming that she deserved someone who loved her for her. Given the tumultuous nature of their relationship and the fact that both of them left the show without a partner, their return to the franchise was a welcome development for many. However, things changed when Jake and Liberty were once again paired up, this time by public demand.

Jake and Liberty themselves had been quite surprised to see each other on the show and did not seem eager to reopen the closed door on their relationship. Though it did not seem like they had any animosity towards each other, the lack of romantic intentions also could not have been more obvious. Within days into his stay in the villa, Jake started to realize that he did not feel connected with any of his potential partners on the show. While there remained a possibility that he could have found love with some of the later entries, Jake ultimately chose to walk out on Day 3, claiming that this was not the right time and place for him to find love.

Jake Cornish is Now a Business Owner

Given the nature of Jake Cornish’s exit from ‘Love Island: All Stars,’ fans have been curious about if there was any other reason behind his decision. However, he has remained firm on the stance that he shared on the show with Maya Jama, adding that his departure had nothing to do with the fact that the public had chosen to pair him up with Liberty Poole. He had even told her before leaving how he did not think he could fake his feelings only for the sake of extending his stay on the show and, hence, chose to follow his gut.

Presently, Jake seems happy to be back home and has been overjoyed to be reunited with his dog Lennie. The reality TV star is seemingly still single, having only been out of the show for a couple of weeks. He is the proud Founder of Per4mance X, a sports performance and recovery equipment company. Represented by We Are Social Nation, Jake hails from Weston-super-Mare, England, and remains passionate about physical fitness. Additionally, he works as a DJ and is also active on Cameo, where his fans can ask him to make personalized videos.

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