Jason Amato: Grant Amato’s Half-brother is Seemingly Settled in Florida Now

Jason Amato experienced unimaginable grief when he received news from the police in January 2019 that his parents, Chad and Margaret Amato, along with his younger brother, Cody Amato, had been discovered deceased in their Chuluota, Florida home. The subsequent realization that his other brother, Grant Amato, may have been responsible for the murders made it more difficult for him to process the information. Paramount+’s ‘Ctrl+Alt+Desire’ shows Jason’s role in securing his brother’s conviction, underscoring the deep love he harbored for his family.

Jason Amato Confronted His Brother

At the age of three, Jason Amato was welcomed into his family through adoption by his stepfather, Chad Amato. His mother, Margaret Amato, had previously been involved with Jason’s biological father, but their relationship had little continued contact following their separation. Growing up, Jason enjoyed the companionship of his two brothers, Cody and Grant Amato, who were born in 1987 and 1989, respectively. The trio shared a close bond and experienced a caring childhood, although they were expected to adhere to the rules set forth by their father, who maintained a strict disciplinary approach within the household.

Jason Amato (in white) hugging Grant Amato

As Jason matured, he allegedly felt somewhat constrained by the strict rules enforced within the household and eventually decided to move out. Despite living separately, he maintained close ties with his family. He remained aware of the concerning behavior exhibited by Grant, particularly his obsessive interactions with a Bulgarian cam girl and extravagant spending habits. Jason vividly remembered being summoned by his father to a relative’s residence in December 2018, where Grant was staying. During this meeting, Chad informed Jason about the family’s intention to stage an intervention and suggested that Grant should be admitted to a rehabilitation center.

For Jason, that was the final time he saw his entire family alive. On January 25, detectives arrived at his workplace, prompting the closure of the entire building. Jason was escorted to a room where he received the news that two male bodies and a female body had been discovered at his parents’ house. He cooperated with the authorities, identifying the deceased and answering questions about his whereabouts, effectively dispelling any suspicions regarding his involvement in the murders.

During the questioning, when Jason was brought in to confront Grant, he urged his brother to tell the truth. Upon Grant’s denial of involvement in the murders, Jason emphasized that Grant was the last person known to have seen their family alive and that all evidence pointed toward him. Jason stressed that while Grant may have been going through tough times, it didn’t justify such a heinous act. He made it clear that Grant would not be involved in arranging the family’s funeral and that Grant wouldn’t have the option to stay with him if released from police custody, expressing concern for his safety. He hugged his brother before leaving.

Where is Jason Amato Today?

Image Credit: Spectrum News 13/YouTube

During Grant Amato’s trial in July 2019, Jason Amato testified on behalf of the prosecutors, revealing that he had discovered a document outlining house rules set by his father, Chad. These rules included restrictions such as no internet use after midnight and no contact with the cam girl Grant had been communicating with. Despite Grant’s claims of Chad’s physical violence toward Jason, the latter denied any such occurrences. Recounting the tense atmosphere at home, Jason broke down multiple times and suggested potential motives for Grant’s actions. When asked if he loved Grant, he said that he loved both his brothers a lot.

As of 2019, Jason had been employed as a mortgage loan underwriter, a position responsible for evaluating and verifying loan applications to determine their risk level and eligibility for approval. In Winter Springs, Florida, he built a life with his long-term girlfriend, Christina Varnell, and her two daughters, whom he treated as his own and deeply cared for. Margaret Amato even referred to the girls as her grandchildren. Christina testified during the trial, providing the jury with details about Jason’s whereabouts. Together, they formed a strong family unit in Winter Springs, likely continuing to reside there to this day.

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