Are Grant Wilson And Jason Hawes Still Friends?

The entertainment industry has done its share for horror fanatics. Each year, many movies and TV shows that dabble in the realm of the supernatural are released. ‘Ghost Hunters’ is one such show that is hard to miss. We are all guilty of being glued to our TV screens and watching the brave investigators hunt ghosts! More than the show, it was the powerful duo of Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson that had won our hearts. Brave, courageous, and intelligent, they had led their team with stealth and an inexplicable zeal for the paranormal.

The series gave us some memorable episodes and it was heartbreaking when Grant left mid-show. Our hearts sank even more when it went off-air in 2016. So imagine our delight when ‘Ghost Hunters’ got renewed for a new season last year (2019)! But, all wasn’t well. The fans were taken aback at the fact that Jason Hawes, along with his team, wouldn’t be returning to the series. Followers were delighted about seeing Grant on screen again and even took to social media to share their enthusiasm and appreciation. But, at the same time, they were left confused about Jason’s absence. All this had led to many speculations about their friendship. Many believe that they had a fallout or have some bad blood between them.

Rumors got nastier when the media reported that Jason and Grant had sold the Spalding Inn, a property that they had co-owned in New Hampshire. According to sources, things have never been the same with the original team since Grant’s departure. Grant leaving didn’t go down well with Jason, and since then, the dynamics of the group changed drastically! While many of us still believe that Jason and Grant had a tiff, others are still hoping everything is fine between them. Recently, Grant revealed some of the reasons as to why he left the show in 2012.

Why Did Grant Wilson Leave Ghost Hunters?

Grant Wilson was in real need of a break. He had shared in many interviews that the filming schedule was too hectic and it was getting to him. He said that filming would go on for odd hours and sometimes they even missed meals, most of which were junk food. Traveling all the time made him feel exhausted too. So, his mental and physical health was one of the main concerns for his departure.

He also confessed that he felt guilty about staying away from home for so long. He missed being with his family, and it was time for him to take a step back from work and spend some time with his family. He expressed his desire to make beautiful memories with his wife and three children.

Grant is also the Vice-President of a gaming company called Rather Dashing Games. He used to serve as an art director, but when he got promoted, his focus shifted to the business. He designs and develops board games for the company, and a few months ago, the brand came out with four of them. One of the games was called ‘Graveyards, Ghosts & Haunted Houses’.

Grant is not only a designer and illustrator, but he is a musician as well. He has always been artistic and explores various forms of creativity. He has now formed a band named ‘Carpet Shark’ with his wife and mates from school. He has also authored a series of books. One of them is based on all his ghost hunting work and another is a fiction-fantasy novel. He posts regular updates about his creative work on his official website.

If rumors are to be believed, Grant and Jason might have experienced some creative differences on the show. Grant didn’t like the fact that the show was being dragged or scripted and hence, decided to leave due to lack of authenticity.

Are Grant and Jason Still Friends?

There is no definite answer to this question. There aren’t any official reports about a falling-out but then they aren’t seen together anymore. It is safe to say that they have a neutral equation as they still go to ghost hunting events in their free time. Grant also came on Jason’s radio show in 2016, wherein they talked about their past experiences. So even if there is an issue between them, they are doing a great job of covering it up by playing it cool.

For now, Jason is doing another show titled ‘Ghost Nation’ on Travel Channel. And Grant returned to Ghost Hunters, which has been well received by the already established fanbase. When Grant was asked in a recent interview as to why he has returned on the show, he answered that now he has time. Grant confessed that he just needed a break, and now that his son has graduated high school and figured out his life, he is free to do shows again. He also admitted that he had never left ghost hunting entirely.


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