Jason Hawes: The Ghost Hunters Host is Happily Married and Has Six Kids

Image Credit: Jason Hawes/Instagram

Syfy Channel’s ‘Ghost Hunters’ features Jason Hawes and other paranormal investigators on a journey exploring the supernatural. The reality television series has continued to appeal to fans since its inception in 2004. As the group observes and uncovers the allegedly haunted places, they stop at nothing to debunk the truth behind the conspicuous events. Given the sporadic appearances of Jason’s family in the series, fans have been curious to find out more about the man and his life behind the scenes.

A Lifetime Together: Jason Hawes and Kristen Cornell

Having met each other relatively young, it wasn’t long before Jason Hawes and Kristen Cornell realized their growing attraction toward one another. As time went on and the duo became adults, their relationship also progressed. Eventually, the two decided to commit to each other and be bound by holy matrimony. Jason and Kristen tied the knot on May 20, 1998, and recently celebrated their silver jubilee as a couple.

Besides building a life together, the couple has even found success on the professional front. Jason was led to the world of the supernatural after someone conducted a Reiki session on him and tweaked his life force energy. It wasn’t long before he began his foray into the world of the paranormal. Having created a space for people who have had the same experiences, Jason went on to co-create ‘Ghost Hunters.’ During Jason’s long stint with the reality series, Kristen and their children also made appearances on the show.

However, the spouse of the television personality has largely kept herself out of the limelight. Despite being a firm believer in the paranormal, Kristen continues to embrace the inexplicable on the sidelines. In addition to work, Jason and Kristen also share the parental duties of their six children. The duo are parents to Samantha, Hailey, Satori, Austin, Logan, and Connor. Besides sharing in on the countless milestones their children have made over the years, Jason and Kristen are equally involved in debunking the concept of the paranormal for them.

The Hawes Legacy: Off-Screen Pursuits and Future Endeavours

In an interview with Geek Dad, Jason Hawes explained how his role as a paranormal investigator and father have intersected before. Once, his youngest daughter, Satori, was assured that there were voices inside her room. Instead of dismissing her concern, he decided to sit down on her bed for an hour. During this time, the youngest member of the Hawes family managed to deduce that the voices were coming out of her Furby on account of its low batteries. The the author and television personality also added, “If there is ever a Boogeyman under my kids’ beds, I’m sure he’s hiding there due to his fear, not theirs.’

While Jason has openly iterated that very little can scare him, there have been moments where the investigator was decidedly freaked out. Interestingly, it wasn’t in a haunted house surrounded by spirits. Instead, it was the moment that the doctors informed him that he and his wife were having twin boys. Jason and Kristen’s daughters have gone on to explore their individual paths as well. The daughters haven’t just made a few appearances on ‘Ghost Nation,’ but have also explored the inexplicable beyond that. Satori went on to find and establish the Paranormal Couple’s Haunted Museum. She is an investigator at The Atlantic Paranormal Society, an organization founded by her dad.

Satori’s growing expertise had even led her to be invited to The Warren’s Seeker of the Supernatural Phantasma-Con. Likewise, Hailey has also maintained her inquisitive interest in similar mysteries. In addition to this, she has been working as an Executive Assistant to the Warden at the State of Rhode Island administration. Finally, Samantha, who refers to the paranormal investigation as a part of her genetic makeup, went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in History, another Bachelor’s in Secondary Education, and a Master of Education as well. She is currently a Kindergarten Teacher at Rise Prep Mayoral Academy in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Unlike their sisters, who have had a hands-on involvement in their father’s work, the Hawes brothers have gone to explore other fields. Connor, the eldest among the boys, and twins Austin and Logan have had each other’s backs on and off the field. The trio were members of the Exeter football team, Scarlet Knights, before graduating in 2022. In an interview with the Providence Journal, Jason expressed his heartfelt gratitude for witnessing his children play.

Despite having a busy schedule around Halloween, the TV personality would ensure that he didn’t miss out on any of his children’s games. Logan and Connor have since continued their journey with football and are now college athletes. Jason has iterated his admiration and love for his children by saying, “You’re living through them, and it’s such an honor to be able to do that. My boys and all my kids have made me extremely proud.” Based in Rhode Island, the Hawes clan continues to embark on new adventures as a tight-knit unit. Jason and Kristen continue to look forward to life’s new milestones with their children and grandchildren. Naturally, we wish them the best in all their future endeavors.

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