Where is JB Beasley’s Family Now?

In ABC’s ’20/20,’ the viewers are introduced to various true crime stories that one cannot help but find interesting. In the episode titled ‘Forever 17,’ the show explores the details of the deaths of Tracie Hawlett and J. B. Beasley. The story is also discussed in the episode of ‘On the Case with Paula Zahn’ titled ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time.’ Given that the case had remained unsolved for years, those close to the victim could not help but feel heartbroken for the longest time. This especially holds true for various members of Beasley’s family whose lives were forever changed by her tragic demise.

Lanier Beasley Has Waited For Answers For Years

With fond memories of his daughter J. B. Beasley still in his mind, Lanier Beasley’s drive for justice had been going on for many years. That said, when the evidence finally established a link between Coley McCraney and the two murders, Lanier felt slightly skeptical. His feelings had seemingly little to do with the accused himself and were more about the answers that he felt he had never gotten.

In 2019, when McCraney was arrested, it had been about 20 years since JB was found dead on August 1, 1999. After two decades of no answers, Lanier was adamant about getting to the bottom of it all and finding justice for his daughter. At one point, he even expressed the belief that McCraney may not have been working alone. His desire for answers is certainly a trait worth pursuing, given just how much he continued to miss the daughter whom he called a “joy to be around.” From her intelligence to her athleticism, there were many reasons why Lanier admired his late daughter so much.

Cheryl Burgoon Continues to Miss Her Daughter

The death of a child is never easy on anyone, and the same certainly holds true for Cheryl Burgoon. Mother to JB Beasley, she waited for well over two decades to find the answers behind the death of her daughter. She even appeared in court during Coley McCraney’s trial in 2023 and confessed that she continued to be hurt over JB’s death and was also filled with anger over such a thing happening to her family. “It hurts so bad…I’m so angry,” she had stated during the trial.

Two decades after her daughter’s death, Cheryl’s love for her has not diminished. She is also a person who seems to enjoy living life to the fullest and can often be found admiring the beauty of the world during her many trips. She also seems to have close bonds with other members of her family, like her sister. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she even took up a mask-making venture and has a deep-seated love for all animals.

Lyndsey Turner Has Fond Memories of Her Cousin

Another member of JB Beasley’s family has openly expressed their pain regarding the passing of her cousin, Lyndsey Turner. The two are related through JB’s father, Lanier Beasley, whose sister is Turner’s mother. Lyndsey may have been born four years before JB, but she has given the title of being the best “big sister” to JB, having publicly shared how JB adored her younger sisters, Jacqui, Jillian, Jayme, and JoBeth Burgoon. Even Lyndsey had a seemingly sister-like bond with JB and fondly recalled her love for music and dance.

Since JB’s passing, Lyndsey has remained close with the former’s younger sisters. Based in Luverne, Alabama, she has opened up about how she and JB’s sisters have bonded over their shared memories of her. From being rattled on by JB’s young sister Jacqui to exploring the products of Bath and Body Works, there are many reasons why Lyndsey misses her cousin so much. The former Obituary and Wedding Editor of the Montgomery Advertiser is a huge animal lover with two dogs she adores very much.

Jacqui Burgoon is a Mother of Two

Having shared many fond memories with her older sister, JB Beasley, Jacqui Burgoon Herring has confessed how forgetting her sister seems to be an impossible task. Based in Dothan, Alabama, she was one of the many who hoped to gain justice in the 2023 trial against Coley McCraney. Now a mother of two sons, Jacqui is happily married to Joe, and the two have built a beautiful life for themselves. Though the passing of her sister remains a painful memory, she has chosen to remember JB through happy memories.

Jillian Gulledge Works as a Nurse in Alabama

Having gone by Jillian Burgoon prior to her marriage, Jillian Gulledge has been married to Drew Gulledge since January 2020. The couple seems to be very much in love and seems to be enjoying their time together as a married couple. Jillian now works as a nurse and takes pride in helping those in need through her skills and knowledge. The two live in Dothan, Alabama, and seem close to their family members.

JoBeth Burgoon is Happily Married

JoBeth Burgoon, or JoBeth Burgoon Weatherford, is someone who still retains a deep admiration for her sister, JB Beasley. The resident of Dothan, Alabama, is quite happily married and has a beautiful family comprising a son and a daughter. They also have a dog named Beau, who is quite an important part of their lives. Even after over 23 years, JoBeth continues to mourn her sister but chooses to think of JB not with grief but with fondness.

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