Where is Jeffrey Epstein Island Located?

The documentary series, ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich,’ unravels many details of the late disgraced financier. The narrative takes into account the distress of his survivors as they were forced to cater to his sexual needs. His notorious fame goes way back, but it was more or less an open secret that not many really talked about. Another such open secret is the notorious activities that are presumed to have happened in his private island named Little St. James.

Where is Little Saint James Island Located?

Little St. James is located off the coast of St. Thomas Island in the Caribbean. It is close to several other Caribbean islands like Barbados, Aruba, etc. After Jeffrey Epstein acquired the island, it gained several other nicknames like the ‘Orgy Island’ and the ‘Pedophile Island.’ This is because what really went on there was not really a secret. This fact was solidified when several of Epstein’s survivors came forward to narrate their experiences. The island is believed to have had over 70 employees. The various buildings on the island include villas, a cinema hall, a library, cabanas, etc. The distinguishing feature is the solar clock, that is adjacent to the sea.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

As we go through the accounts of Epstein’s survivors, we get to know that this breezy paradise was hell for several women who ended up there as preys to Epstein’s sex escapades. This is made clear when Sarah Ransome came forward to state that she was raped several times on the island. Her brief acquaintance with Epstein, got her invited to the island, where she saw her worst nightmare take shape. She tried to run away, even if it meant that she would be killed by sharks, as she could no longer endure the abuse. However, Epstein’s staff got her back. In the documentary, she says, “He did things that no man should ever do to a woman.”

The activities on the island, allegedly, far exceeds just Epstein’s misdemeanors. It is believed that several of his high profile friends often enjoyed a trip there to have sex with young or underaged girls. Virginia Roberts Giuffre attested to this when she said that Prince Andrew had sex with her on several occasions, one of them on the island. The same was reiterated in the documentary by one of Epstein’s former employees. Steve Scully used to work on the island, and in 2004, he saw Prince Andrew in a compromising position with a young girl. He was able to identify the girl when he was shown old pictures of Giuffre. Scully quit his job after being disheartened with the kind of activities that went on in the island.

After Epstein’s death, the island has been the hot spot for tourist attraction. In addition, people from the neighboring island, St. Thomas, have spoken about how most of them were aware of what went on in Epstein’s island. In any case, the island has been the hotbed of several allegations made against Jeffrey Epstein.

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