Where Was Jeffrey Epstein Imprisoned?

‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’ is a narrative of the wealthy financier’s personal life as a sexual predator and the manger of an international sex trafficking ring, which offered sexual favors to his high profile clients. While his death in 2019, shocked the world, it turned out to be due to the lack of justice it meant to the dozens of his victims who will not get the kind of closure they deserve.  His life was controversial, and so is his death. There are all kinds of theories, ranging from him being killed by his influential friends to his death being staged. In any case, what is true is that the circumstances behind his death remain quite murky.

Which Jail Was Jeffrey Epstein Put In?

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on sex trafficking charges. The arrest was made on 6 July 2019, after which he was sent to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan. Epstein maintained that he was innocent. As he was deemed a flight risk, he was denied bail though he was ready to offer a large sum of bail money.

Photo Credit: Christopher Sadowski/ NY Post

On July 23, he was found in a semiconscious state in his cell. He had observable injuries on his neck. Allegedly, he had informed his lawyers about being attacked by his cellmate. Though his cellmate was questioned, he denied all the accusations made against him. Even then, the public response was mixed between him faking it to get out of prison, and there being an actual threat to his life. In any case, Epstein was placed under suicide watch after the first incident. However, after psychiatric evaluation, he was no longer kept on suicide watch. Epstein had apparently written about his mistreatment in prison.

Photo Credit: Foxnews.com

Epstein was placed in a special housing unit, with a cellmate. The cell is checked every thirty minutes by a guard. On 9 August, his cellmate was transferred, and on the evening of his death, he met his lawyers, who did not report any apparent change in his demeanor. The assigned guards, Tova Noel and Michael Thomas failed to perform the 30 minutes check, as they were required to do. The cameras in front of his cell also stopped working that night. It was at 6:30 AM the next day that they found him dead in his cell. He was found with a bedsheet wrapped around his neck, in a kneeling position. The guards performed CPR on him to no avail.

Was Jeffrey Epstein Killed?

Jeffrey Epstein’s death was written off as a suicide. Even then, there were questions of how an almost 6 feet tall man could have hanged himself from the lower bunk. There were wires and tubes from a sleep apnea machine he could have used, which he didn’t. The autopsy report, too, claimed that it was quite unusual. The injuries to his neck are reportedly more apparent in victims of strangulation than those who hang themselves to death. This is because, the hyoid bone was broken, which experts claim can happen but is a rare phenomenon in such cases. Epstein’s body was placed along with his parents’ in Star of David mausoleum in Florida. The names were removed so that vandalism or any other related crimes doesn’t occur. In any case, his death remains a subject of many conspiracy theories. 

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