Jennifer Bastian’s Family Has Kept The Love Alive Till Today

When 13-year-old Jennifer Bastian went cycling along Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington, it was just a routine outing for her family. Her older sister, Theresa Bastian, also used to take the same route. However, when Jennifer did not return home and was later found dead, it profoundly affected not only Theresa but the entire family. A&E’s ‘Cold Case Files’ episode titled ‘Taken in Tacoma’ features Theresa and her mother, Pattie Bastian, who detail the decades-long turmoil they endured and the wait that finally brought Jennifer’s killer to justice. It’s been several decades to the unfortunate day that changed the lives of the Bastian family forever. The passage of time has generated questions about where the members are now.

Jennifer Bastian’s Family Waited Over 30 Years For Justice

Both Theresa and Pattie Bastian remembered Jennifer Bastian as a spirited young girl, always up to some innocent mischief. Theresa was the responsible and calmer older sibling, while Jennifer brought chatter and energy into the house with her frolicking ways. On August 4, 1986, when Jennifer went on a bicycle ride, neither knew it would be the last time they would see their beloved little girl. Days passed with no news of Jennifer, and although the family sensed she had come to harm, it didn’t become real for them until a month later when Jennifer’s body was found.

When the detectives finally had the killer in their hands, they visited Pattie, who had waited for more than 32 years to hear the news. Pattie trembled, remembering her husband, who had passed away before seeing his daughter’s killer brought to justice, and immediately called Theresa. Theresa also felt relief wash over her, but the trial was different. In 2019, when the killer finally pled guilty, he gave few answers that would explain what motivated him to commit the crime and kept his eyes lowered. Although it brought closure to the family, they wished they had more answers. However, they were grateful to the detectives who relentlessly pursued the case and were able to bring it to fruition.

Jennifer Bastian’s Family is Thriving

Pattie and Theresa Bastian took some time off after the verdict to spend time with their family. Pattie traveled to Cozumel, Progreso, and Yucatán in Mexico on a cruise, relaxing and rejuvenating. This holiday gave her the strength and impetus she needed for the next phase of her life. Since then, Pattie has become a vocal advocate for using DNA technology in solving criminal cases, showcasing her activism for the cause. She hopes to see other families achieve justice just as Jennifer Bastian’s killer was brought to justice. Additionally, Pattie has been empathizing with and amplifying the news about other missing and endangered people, finding solace and purpose in the cause.

Since then, Theresa has become a successful businesswoman, owning two real estate agencies: Let’s Move Austin and Austin Elite Property Management. She built these empires through her dedication and has achieved significant success. In 2021, Theresa contributed to a book titled ‘The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home: How The Nation’s Top Agents Break The Records,’ which featured tips from other successful real estate professionals like her. In July 2023, she was also a panelist at a Mastermind event, showcasing how far she had come in her career and the value of her insights.

The year 2024 has been particularly successful for Theresa. In March, she conducted a highly anticipated tax seminar for her clients in Austin and organized the Hello Circle Night, another networking event, just before that. On top of all her accomplishments, she is also a digital creator working on building a thriving social media presence for herself. Theresa’s career has been gratifying, and there’s no doubt that her sister, Jennifer, would be proud of the woman she has become.

Theresa Bastian’s Three Kids Also Make Pattie Bastian Very Proud

When it comes to family, Theresa and Pattie are surrounded by love and joy. Theresa has three children—Sophia, Lukas, and Bowie—who make her and Pattie, their grandmother, immensely proud. After graduating in June 2019, Lukas joined the US Marine Corps. He also married in January 2024, expanding the family with a much-loved daughter-in-law. He is the apple of both women’s eyes.

Sophia graduated in 2024 from the University of Arkansas with a BA in Psychology with high distinction, completing her degree in just three years. Her academic achievements frequently call for applause and cheer from the family. Though much younger, Bowie is celebrated as the most emotionally intelligent and spirited member of the family, just like Jennifer was. These three make all holidays and special occasions, like Mother’s Day, special for their mother and grandmother, knowing their love keeps them together.

Both Theresa and Pattie Bastian Enjoy Cooking

The mother-daughter duo has kept their love for cooking alive, frequently finding themselves in the kitchen making scrumptious meals for their families. Their cooking makes everyday life better and special occasions even more beautiful. Pattie has shared that she is as much a fan of making meals as she enjoys them and considers herself a foodie. Their shared passion for cooking brings them joy and strengthens their bond, adding warmth and delight to their family gatherings.

While both women love animals, Pattie’s heart is taken up by her beloved dog Zoe, whereas Theresa dotes on her cat Hondo, who sadly passed away in November 2021. Their love for animals highlights how deeply and genuinely they care about everything around them, nurturing those in their lives even through the most demanding tests. They are exemplary figures of humanity, showing how much of a positive impact they have created around them. Their compassion and resilience serve as an inspiration, demonstrating the strength of their character and the warmth of their hearts.

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