Jeramy Burt: What Happened to Him? Was He Found?

Among the various cases covered in Investigation Discovery’s ‘Disappeared,’ the story of Jeramy Burt is certainly one of the more fascinating ones. Season 2, episode 12 of the show, which is titled ‘Disappeared: Doomed Romance,’ sheds light on how Jeramy was reconnecting with his former wife, Kim George, with hopes of the love story having a good ending. However, all that changed one night when Jeramy went missing, and all those who knew seemed to have no idea just where he might have gone. Given the circumstances, the public interest in the case has always been high, with people often looking for the latest update on the same.

Jeramy Burt Disappeared While Driving to Meet a Friend

In early 2007, things seemed to be on the mend for Jeramy Burt. A former Navy man who had served his country during the Gulf War, he was now living a seemingly fulfilling life in Boise, Idaho. While there were many good things going on in his life, those who knew Jeramy felt that he cherished his role as a father the most. Mackenzie Burt, who was just shy of turning four at the time, was the light of Jeramy’s life. In fact, the veteran’s mother, Sheryl Burt, has publicly shared that he had written a poem for Mackenzie when she was born, indicating the love he seemed to have for her.

Additionally, Jeramy was improving his relationship with his former wife, Kim George. Despite the fact that their first attempt at marriage apparently did not result in the best outcome, the two had rekindled their romance. “Jeramy and Kim were together for about six years before they decided to get married,” Sheryl shared. “He hadn’t divorced before then because his first wife [Rena] had returned to Japan where their marriage wasn’t even recognized, but when he and Kim decided to get married, he filed for divorce here.”

For the process, Jeramy hired Jeannie Braun but did end up testifying against his own lawyer in front of a grand jury, having recorded Braun in the midst of an illegal activity that led to her being disbarred in the state of Idaho. Jeramy did obtain his first divorce in May 2002. He and Kim then got married in 2003, the same year that they became parents to Mackenzie. This was also the year when they decided to call their marriage quits but remained in an on-off relationship, though they seemingly always maintained a good relationship and were happily co-parenting.

Hence, a few suspected something amiss on February 11, 2007. At the time, the house that Jeramy and his father, Van Burt, lived in was also home to Kim and Mackenzie. On the day in question, Kim had flown to Las Vegas, Nevada, for a conference. Jeramy and Kim had apparently also been on a call about 10 pm in the night. This was followed by Jeramy stating that he was going to visit a friend at around 10:30 pm.

However, Jeramy never did make it to his friend’s house. According to Kim, she received a text from Jeramy’s cell phone that claimed that he was leaving everything and starting a new life. During the ensuing conversation, and because her calls to his phone were not being answered, Kim became suspicious that someone else was using Jeramy’s phone to text her. On returning to Boise, Kim also realized that her car, a Mercury Cougar, was not present, but Jeramy had taken no other personal belongings. As such, she decided to file a missing person’s report.

Jeramy Burt’s Fate Remains Unknown

For months after Jeramy Burt’s disappearance, little to no information was found about his possible whereabouts. While it was established that Jeramy’s credit card had been used at a place called Mountain Home just outside of Boise around the same time that he disappeared, it did not lead to a possible location. Things became even more suspicious on May 18, 2007, when the car that Jeramy had disappeared alongside was found in Idaho’s Owyhee County, just shy of the Idaho-Nevada border, by some cowboys.

Image Credit: Jeramy Carl Burt Missing/Facebook

The car had been identified as Kim George’s missing property and had been burned and well-hidden. A search was conducted in the area surrounding the car’s discovery spot, but no trace of Jeramy’s was found. As of writing, it has been over 17 years since Jeramy disappeared at the age of 33. No new information regarding his possible whereabouts has been discovered by the authorities, even though the family continues to look for any and all clues.

Boise’s police department has recently urged people once more through social media to share any new information pertaining to the case. Jeramy’s daughter, Mackenzie Burt, who is now an adult, started a GoFundMe campaign in August 2023 with a goal of $100,000 to find out just what might have happened to her father. In particular, the fund seems to be aimed towards helping the family follow up on their suspicion that former Idaho attorney Jeannie Braun may have something to do with Jeramy’s disappearance.

Though Braun has claimed that she maintained no contact with Jeramy after the trial in which he testified against her, those close to Jeramy state that this was not because of a lack of trying. In particular, Shery Burt, Jeramy’s mother, seems to be a firm believer that Jeramy’s disappearance was a result of foul play. This is something that Braun has denied, but Jeramy’s family has not given up hope. In fact, they even hired a private investigator from Utah called Marki Davis to look into the case. However, as of writing, the case of Jeramy Burt’s disappearance remains as mysterious as ever.

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