Jeremy Cuellar: Where is Kemia Hassel’s Boyfriend Now?

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The December 2018 murder of Army Sergeant Tyrone Hassel III left the community in shock. A respected hero among his peers, adored by his parents, and a father to a one-year-old, his death had a profound impact. The arrest of Jeremy Cuellar on murder charges a few days later unveiled a disturbing plot. Jeremy confessed to carrying out the murder on the orders of Tyrone’s wife, Kemia Hassel, with whom he was having an affair. ’20/20: Love. Honor. Betray’ delves into the details of the case, exploring the motivations that drove these two individuals to commit this crime.

Who is Jeremy Cuellar?

Born in 1994, Jeremy Cuellar achieved success in his career by joining the army. Satisfied and fulfilled in his life, he was also married. It was during his service in the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart, Georgia, that he crossed paths with the Hassels. Allegedly, Kemia Hassel confided in him about her dissatisfaction with her marriage with Army Sergeant Tyrone Hassel III. It was during this time that he started a relationship with Kemia. Rumors about the romantic involvement between Jeremy and Kemia were circulating in Georgia, but Army Sergeant Tyrone Hassel III reportedly did not openly acknowledge them.

Jeremy later revealed that he had fallen in love with Kemia and contemplated divorcing his wife. Expressing a deep desire for a family, learning about Tyrone and Kemia’s baby, affectionately nicknamed “Chunk,” made him feel as though this was the family he longed for. He shared that he believed Kemia was his life, and personal issues he was facing contributed to his descent into a challenging emotional vortex. According to reports, it was purportedly Kemia who conceived the idea of murdering her husband and communicated it to Jeremy. Allegedly, she requested him to carry out the act, emphasizing the financial gain they would receive through the $400,000 life insurance policy.

The plan between the two seemingly took place while they were stationed together in South Korea from February to October 2018. Upon their return to the US, they decided to execute the plan. They contacted each other through Snapchat to avoid leaving a trail. Jeremy visited Michigan on at least 4 occasions in December 2018. On December 31, Tyrone was returning from a cookout organized by his father. It was then that Jeremy shot him multiple times, resulting in Tyrone’s death from the 3 fatal gunshot wounds in the driveway. Following the murder, he confided in a friend from the army, who then tipped the police. On January 11, 2019, about 11 days after the incident, Jeremy was arrested on charges of murder.

Jeremy Cuellar is Serving His Sentence in Prison Today

Following his arrest, Jeremy Cuellar expressed a willingness to plead guilty to second-degree murder on the condition that he could speak to Tyrone Hassel Jr., the father of Tyrone Hassel III. Hassel Jr. visited the jail, engaging in a conversation with him that lasted for 56 minutes. During this exchange, he revealed that he felt “twisted” and believed that committing the murder was the only way for him to establish a family with Kemia. During the sentencing and interactions with Tyrone Hassel Jr., Jeremy expressed profound remorse for his actions and offered sincere apologies for taking away Tyrone Hassel III from his family.

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Jeremy’s remorse was evident even during the sentencing proceedings, where he became emotional, particularly when LaShanda Jones, Tyrone’s mother, made a statement.  In September 2019, Jeremy received a sentence of 65 to 90 years in prison on the charge of second-degree murder. In July 2020, he filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea, asserting that he had not been adequately advised by his defense attorney. According to him, he was told that he had no chance at a trial and a no-contest plea.

Additionally, Jeremy claimed he was warned about potential adverse consequences from the US military and the possibility of facing a death sentence. Tyrone’s father expressed extreme dissatisfaction with this legal move, perceiving it as an attempt by Jeremy to rectify wrongdoing and show remorse. However, in August 2021, the Michigan Supreme Court denied Jeremy’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea. He is currently 29 years old and serving his sentence at the Richard A Handlon Correctional Facility. His earliest chance of being released from prison is in 2084.

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