Are Jessica and Austin from Married At First Sight Still Together?

Sometimes love finds you. And, sometimes, you need to find love (with the help of expert matchmakers)! The hit and super-popular reality television series ‘Married At First Sight’ operates on this concept. Helping singles who have been looking for ‘the one’ for way too long, the show comes to their rescue! Featuring ten singles from Washington D.C., season 10 witnesses the formation of five couples and their journey to a blissful married life. While three couples opted to get divorced later on, two decided to stay together. With Austin and Jessica having a great connection, fans had been rooting for their victory since day one!

Jessica and Austin: Married At First Sight Journey

31-year-olds Jessica and Austin, who are a nurse manager and a network technician respectively, couldn’t have been more perfect for each other! The duo hit it off instantly and connected over similar family values and faith. The two shared similar traits of humility, goofiness, and determination. While Jessica idolized the relationship her parents shared, Austin too had been searching for his life partner for quite a while. Supported by their friends and families, the couple tied the knot and traveled for their honeymoon.

The couple didn’t have much of a problem adjusting to their new married life. They seemed to be the most stable and sturdy couple out of all others. Their approach to small issues and challenges was mature as well as inspiring. They did hit a few roadblocks but nothing that couldn’t be managed.

Jessica felt insecure about Austin’s commitment to her. He hadn’t said ‘I love you’ yet, and that bothered her. Austin wanted to take things slow and say those words when he actually meant them. Jessica was also a bit bothered about Austin’s work that required him to travel frequently. She wasn’t too comfortable about being alone for long periods at a time. But, Jessica and Austin talked through every problem and came to a conclusion.

They handled their married life really well. So, it wasn’t surprising when they declared their wish to stay together on Decision Day. The couple seemed to be completely happy with each other and didn’t seem to have any doubts about their relationship.

Are Jessica and Austin Still Together?

Yes! The couple is still happily married. In the latest reunion episode, they reassured the public about their love and commitment to each other. Jessica and Austin are the only couple who have managed to work through their relationship and come out as a couple on the episode. They are the only success story of season 10 as Katie and Derek have decided to split up now.

Jessica and Austin credited the success of their blissful marriage to practicing open communication and working as a team. They both were instantly attracted to each other from the very start. They had already come on the show with a conditioned mind to make their relationship work. Instead of being divided by their issues and fighting, they got together to solve them. This motivated both of them to put in more effort. The couple confessed that noticing each other’s commitment and determination towards their marriage made them confident about their connection.

In the reunion episode, Austin recommitted to Jessica by getting down on one knee and slipping a ring on her finger. And guess what? He finally said those three magic words! The couple has been posting their lovely pictures on Instagram, which shows them spending time with each other’s friends and families.

The couple is now planning to buy a house and a dog. They are also thinking about having children after a few years. Jessica and Austin might feature on the show’s newest spin-off ‘Married At First Sight: Couple’s Cam’, which will be self-shot and provide a sneak-peek into the couple’s intimate married life. It is scheduled to release on May 20.

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