Jessica Dishon Murder: Where is Stanley Dishon Now?

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When Jessica Dishon’s mother returned home in September 1999, she noticed that her daughter’s car remained parked in the driveway with her belongings still inside. Concerned that Jessica hadn’t returned home by evening, the family alerted the authorities, who initially suggested that Jessica might have left voluntarily. However, several weeks later, Jessica’s body was discovered on the side of Greenwell Ford Road in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Murder in the Heartland’ episode ‘Family or Feud’ delves into the case, which spanned years and faced scrutiny regarding the police investigation.

Jessica Dishon’s Body was Found On the Side of the Road

Jessica Dawn Dishon was born on May 2, 1982, as the first child of Mike Dishon and Edna Jett. Growing up alongside her younger brothers, Christopher and Michael, she embraced her role as the eldest sibling, displaying a nurturing and protective nature towards them. Known for her caring demeanor, Jessica frequently took it upon herself to bring joy and warmth into her family’s life, often cooking meals for her loved ones and demonstrating immense affection towards her parents and brothers.

Image Credit: WAVE 3

On September 10, 1999, Jessica prepared for her day at Bullitt Central High School as a senior student. She also worked part-time at Hardee’s and had recently purchased a red Pontiac with her earnings. When her mother returned home around 1:30 p.m. that day, she noticed Jessica’s car still parked in the driveway. Jessica’s backpack, purse, and work clothes remained untouched inside the vehicle. A shoe belonging to Jessica lay near the driver’s seat, and her phone rested on the passenger seat, displaying the number 9 on the screen. The family initially attempted to dismiss their concerns, assuming Jessica had gone to a friend’s house.

However, as the evening approached with no sign of Jessica, they grew increasingly worried. They eventually contacted the police, only to be told that Jessica had likely run away and would return soon. Despite their efforts, weeks passed without any word from Jessica. On September 27, 1999, Jessica’s body was discovered on the side of Greenwell Ford Road, approximately seven miles from her home. She had a broken jaw, and her fingers had been cut off. The coroner’s report revealed she had been strangled to death and indicated signs of potential torture and captivity for a day or two before her murder. It was also evident that her body had been relocated approximately 15 feet to ensure visibility a few hours before its discovery.

An Inmate Gave Information About Jessica Dishon’s Killer

The primary challenge confronting the police at the outset of the investigation was the compromised state of Jessica Dishon’s car, which was the likely location of her last known whereabouts. Unfortunately, the scene had not been secured, allowing friends, family members, and even news reporters access to the vehicle. Despite this setback, authorities began their inquiries by interviewing individuals with close ties to the Dishon household, hoping to glean any pertinent information. The Dishons’ neighbor, David “Bucky” Brooks, came forward during this process. Bucky claimed to have seen Jessica on the morning of her disappearance, prompting the police to bring him in for questioning.

However, his recounting of events shifted during interrogation, and he failed a lie detector test, leading to increased suspicion. Eventually, on January 18, 2001, he was arrested on charges of kidnapping and murdering Jessica. Despite the arrest, the case against Brooks remained tenuous, compounded by his lower IQ level as assessed by authorities. Consequently, when his trial commenced in January 2003, the prosecution struggled to assemble a compelling case. Additionally, the revelation of Bucky’s failed lie detector test, an inadmissible piece of evidence, contributed to the trial being declared a mistrial on January 29.

After the mistrial, Jessica’s case went cold until 2013, when a new lead emerged. An inmate from Oldham County, Kentucky, disclosed to authorities that Jessica’s uncle, Stanley Dishon, had confessed to him about her murder. Allegedly, Stanley admitted to the crime, citing his niece’s romantic involvement with someone of her age as the motive. He purportedly confessed to mutilating her body to simulate the modus operandi of a criminal gang. Subsequently, law enforcement redirected their focus towards Stanley Dishon.

Through thorough interviews and evidence collection, law enforcement uncovered a disturbing pattern of behavior in Stanley’s history. Dating back to his teenage years, he had resided with his siblings and was reported to have sexually abused many of their children. Between 1989 and 1996, Stanley also lived in Jessica’s household, where he allegedly subjected her to abuse as well. Witnesses close to Stanley testified to his peculiar behavior following Jessica’s disappearance, such as intense television watching and difficulty sleeping. Furthermore, it became known that in 2002, he was arrested and subsequently convicted of sexual assault.

Stanley Dishon is Incarcerated Today

Stanley Dishon faced charges for Jessica Dishon’s murder along with three counts of sexual abuse. In 2015, he took the Alford plea, which means that he maintained his innocence while acknowledging that the evidence against him could lead to conviction. By doing so, he pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual assault and one count of manslaughter in Jessica’s case. Under the terms of the plea agreement, he received a 20-year sentence, with a possibility for parole in 16 years. Stanley is currently serving his sentence at the Kentucky State Penitentiary, with his earliest parole eligibility date set for 2028. His maximum sentence will conclude in 2033.

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