Where Are Jim Mordecai’s Ex-Wives Now?

The story of Jim Mordecai is explored in detail in Max’s ‘The Truth About Jim,’ with a special emphasis on his family members. Over the course of the show, viewers realize just how expansive his family had become thanks to his three marriages. Each one of these relationships played a crucial role in the California native’s life, along with those who were related to him either by blood or by marriage. Hence, many of the viewers have developed an interest in learning about their lives.

Judy Mordecai is Reconnecting with Her Daughter

Judy Mordecai was Jim Mordecai’s third wife, thanks to their wedding in 1989,  and was still married to him when he passed away in 2008. Due to the complications in the marriage that apparently arose due to Jim’s behavior, Judy had become estranged from her daughter, Shannon Barter, about a decade before Jim died. Through Shannon, Judy is grandmother to Sierra Barter, who served as the primary investigator in the show and was the major force behind just why the on-screen investigations reached the point that we got to see.

Now based in Tahoe City, California, Judy Mordecai revealed in the Max series that her late husband had been a violent man, even though she had initially not been able to see this fully. She had been under the assumption that her daughter Shannon’s negativity stemmed from the feeling that Jim might be trying to replace her father. However, Shannon herself clarified that she would not have likely minded seeing her mother in a relationship with anyone else. However, she had apparently almost fallen victim to Jim’s sexual advances in the past and was hence flabbergasted that it was him whom her mother chose to marry.

Following her marriage to Jim, Judy tried to develop a good relationship with his daughters Melissa and Jaime Mordecai, who seem to think of her highly even today. Judy herself is trying to make amends for the hurt that she had caused her daughter and granddaughter in the past due to her marriage with Jim. Though she had not talked much about her marriage prior to the production of the movie, Judy admitted that the process might have helped her mentally come to terms with what had happened.

Jeanne Kirkpatrick is a Doting Grandmother

Following his first divorce, Jim Mordecai married Jeanne Kirkpatrick in 1973. The woman in question was already a mother to two children, a daughter named Christi Probst and a son named Michael Probst. Together, the couple also became parents to two more daughters, Melissa and Jaime Mordecai, who were born in 1976 and 1979, respectively. However, not long after the birth of Jaime, Jeanne decided to divorce her husband. Claiming that Jim had been “obsessed” with her, Jeanne had apparently invited over one of his friends in order to de-escalate the situation when she broke the news to him.

According to Jeanne and her children, Jim’s response to the news had been a violent one. Nevertheless, Jeanne stuck to her decision and did what she could in order to get out of the marriage. She confessed that not many believed her when she talked about Jim’s behavior, even referring to him as a “sexual deviant.” Ultimately, Jeanne did get a divorce from Jim in 1982, which was apparently followed by some more erratic actions from Jim’s side.

Now based in Palm Desert, California, Jeanne works as an Independent Contractor and Interior Designer. She maintains a close relationship with her four children and has been more than open to talking about her past when it comes to her former husband. Now seemingly single, Jeanne enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, often encouraging them in any way possible. Having moved to Palm Desert in 2020, Jeanne has seemingly reconnected with Siera Barter, Shannon Barter, and Judy Mordecai.

Sharon Yeager Had Two Children With Jim Mordecai

The marriage between Sharon Yeager and Jim Mordecai took place in 1960 when it was discovered that the former had fallen pregnant. The marriage had apparently been insisted upon by the Mordecai family despite some reluctance from the parties actually involved in the marriage. The two had first met each other as students at Montgomery High School, and at the time of their wedding, Jim was 19 years old.

In 1960, Sharon and Jim welcomed their daughter Melinda to the family. They remained married for quite some time and even had a son in 1965. However, the marriage between the two did not last for long, as the couple got divorced in 1972. The separation was something that Jim had apparently not been happy about, and the Max show theorizes that he may have tried to stalk his former wife after their separation. It is also in this time frame that he traveled often between his family farm and Santa Rosa, California, leading Sierra Barter to wonder if he was the man responsible for the Santa Rosa hitchhiker murders that took place in 1971 and 1972.

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