John Glasgow: What Happened to Him? How Did He Die?

One morning in January 2008, John Glasgow left for work earlier than usual. When he didn’t show up, his family and friends got worried about his well-being and wondered if his sudden disappearance had something to do with his work. As the authorities took over the case, they delved deep into John’s personal as well as professional life in order to get to the bottom of the case. ‘Disappeared: Unfinished Business’ covers the mysterious case of the businessman and provides us with a detailed account of it through interviews with his loved ones and the officials involved in the case.

John Glasgow Vanished After Leaving His House For Work

The beloved son of Fern Carol Rosik and Thomas Cortlyn Glasgow, John William Glasgow was born sometime in the early 1960s in Nashville, Tennessee. The youngest of five siblings, including a brother named Roger, he completed his schooling at Nashville High School and earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Arkansas in 1985. Later, he even became a licensed certified public accountant. In 1990, John’s talents and intelligence led to him getting hired by an Arkansas-based firm that provided construction services across the nation — CDI Contractors LLC of Little Rock.

Image Credit: Arkansas Business

Just after five years of working in the agency, John was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in 1995. Meanwhile, in the summer of 1992, he tied the knot with his former high school classmate, Melinda Glasgow. After the marriage, the couple moved to a house on South Lookout Street in Little Rock, Arkansas. Still going strong professionally as well as personally, John spent the weekend of January 26 and 27, 2008, at his CDI Contractors LLC Office and a dinner party alongside Melinda, hosted by one of his older brothers.

After attending the party, John started his day early the following morning of January 28, 2008, as he was seen leaving his home, seemingly in the direction of his office, around 5:15 am by a neighbor. However, that was the last time anyone ever saw John, as he never reached his office that morning. His wife, Melinda, got to know about his vanishing around 2:30 pm that same afternoon when one of his coworkers told her that he hadn’t arrived for work at all and that they could not connect to his cell phone either.

Melinda told his brother about this worrying situation, and together, they began making calls to their family and friends in the hope that someone might have gotten in touch with him. When they couldn’t get any leads, she reported John missing to the police at 5:54 pm. Without wasting any time, the authorities began looking into the matter and found John’s gray Volvo SUV parked in front of Mather Lodge in Petit Jean State Park in Conway County the next day. Not only was the vehicle unlocked, but the detectives also found his laptop, company-issued cell phone, and credit cards inside the abandoned car.

Following this discovery, the vehicle was taken by the police to search for more evidence, while an intense 5-day search for John was led by the Petit Jean State Park. However, neither of them yielded any clue regarding John’s whereabouts. Soon, the police learned that at the time of his disappearance, he was allegedly in a strained relationship with the executives of Dillard’s Inc. He was on his way to buy half of the company along with some other CDI executives. When all leads led to dead ends, 45-year-old John Glasgow was officially declared dead after more than three years of incessant search on April 13, 2011.

John Glasgow’s Cause of Death Still Remains a Mystery

In the same year, when John Glasgow was declared dead legally, a 43-year-old felon named Jonathan Brawner testified to the authorities that he had the information about the whereabouts of John’s burial site. At the time, he had been serving time behind bars at Faulker County jail for the attempted kidnapping of a businessman and for stalking his ex-wife. He alleged that he was hired by some thugs from Malvern to help them bury John’s body in a bean field in Lonoke County. The police rushed to the bean field where Brawner claimed he buried the body of the businessman, but even after scouring through the field extensively, they couldn’t find the body.

It was believed that the felon tried to take advantage of the situation so as to get a reduced sentence in return. About 7 years into John’s disappearance, on March 11, 2015, a couple of hikers stumbled upon some skeletal remains at the base of a cliff in Petit Jean Mountain in Arkansas. The remains were accompanied by a wallet containing a driver’s license and credit card. The skull was found near Red Bluff Drive, while the rest of the body was about 200 yards south of it. The Sheriff reported, “We found the bones inside the clothing. Other parts were found in the area, strewn by animals. We are pretty sure we located nearly everything. We did find the bulk of the remains.”

Then, the remains were cautiously tested for identification at the Arkansas Crime Lab. A day later, on March 12, 2015, with the help of dental records, it was confirmed that the remains were of the missing John Glasgow. John’s cause of death remained undetermined as, despite the efforts of the examiners at the laboratory, they could not find any trace of trauma to the skull or any other part of the body. As per the beliefs of his brother, Roger Glasgow, there was some foul play involved in John’s death, the evidence of which he hopes to uncover someday.

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