10 Best John Krasinsksi Movies and TV Shows

John Krasinski. While English customs officers know him as Emily Blunt’s husband, we common folk recognize him from our favorite sitcom, ‘The Office’. Krasinski played Jim Halpert, a vaguely cool, intelligent salesman at a mid-range paper company Dunder Mifflin. Since then, his career graph has seen a steep rise, not only as an actor, but also as a director. He made 2018 his own with the release of ‘A Quiet Place’ and the ‘Tom Clancy’ adaptation. Here’s the list of top John Krasinsksi movies selected from his impressive filmography. You can watch some these best John Krasinsksi movies on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

10. Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (2009)

Sara Quinn is interviewing men as part of her graduate studies. Her intellectual endeavor has emotional consequences as the men’s twisted and revealing stories are juxtaposed against the backdrop of her own experience. As she begins to listen closely to the men around her, Sara must ultimately reconcile herself to the darkness that lies below the surface of human interactions. Kraskinkis made his debut as a director and producer in this film. While not wildly successful of popular, it gave us a glimpse into the otherworldly talents of KRasinkis as a multi-tasker and the potential to rock the box office.


9. It’s Complicated (2009)

Seeing Meryl Streep on screen is one of the great joys of life. Her colossal range of emotions allows her to seamlessly play a diverse spectrum of characters and hold us in awe and disbelief everytime she takes to the screen. And when she has a supporting cast like this one, expect something special. ‘It’s COmplicated’ literally describes the life of Jane Adler, a divorced single woman, who comes across her ex at her son’s graduation and falls in love again. The only problem is that the “ex” has remarried and is caught between two worlds. Employing tried and tested narrative tropes in the film, ‘It’s Complicated’ only ever becomes an enjoyable movie when the sublime cast fills the screen with life and gives the empty words of the script meaning with their emotions.


8. Something Borrowed (2011)

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Kate Hudson was one of the most loved actresses a decade ago. While her popularity has waded ever since, her talents seem to have only gotten better. ‘Something Borrowed’ borrows a lot of its energy and charm from Hudson and Krasinski but fails comprehensively to qualify s a watchable movie. The clichéd plot sees a college couple that could never be and when one of the persons is going to get married, the other miraculously revives their feelings and sabotage the holiest bond on the planet.


7. Jarhead (2005)

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Imagine getting trained as a soldier, unlearning what you have learned your entire life, and learning a new way of life. ‘Jarhead’ specifically builds on the notion and tries to get into the psyche of a soldier who was tutored to kill with a rifle, which is the most precious thing ever, and never gets to fire a bullet. Despite having its flaws, ‘Jarheads’ gritty, intense depiction of realistic war scenes and its ironical harangue at the concept of war are enough to brand it a triumphant effort, well worthy of praise.


6. Promised Land (2012)

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Gus Van Sant hs build quite a reputation in the industry. His long, teasing, deliberative films have often compounded multiple debates as to what they exactly mean, and ‘Promised Land’ wanders in the same territory. Corporate opportunism and a strained economy force the residents of a small time to entertain requests from a gas company to drill their lots. A teacher and a veteran activist stand in their way and intend to protect the residents. While Van Sant handles the story pretty well, his dynamism greatly aids the film in breathing life. Beautifully shot and soulfully acted, ‘Promised land’ is a fine depiction of capitalists eating the world and an ominous warning to the people of the world to stand up for themselves.


5. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benzaghi (2016)

’13 Hours’ charts a true story of bravery and patriotism that took place when the world slept. American soldiers are tasked with protecting diplomatic compounds in Libya from concurrent waves of terrorist attacks who want to radicalize the country and mastermind a coup. Shot almost entirely in the early hours of the day and the late hours of the night, ’13 Hours’ greatly benefits from a committed cast and an experimental director who plays the dramatic undertones of the inquest with admirable competence. The predictable story, though, doesn’t surprise enough and lacks the compelling urge to hold attention.


4. Leatherheads (2008)

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If you’re looking for something to pass time and just have fun, go for ‘Leatherheads’. A charming cast, a light-hearted storyline, and a director who redefines the word charming, will be enough to suck you in and hold you for some time. Taking us back to the wondrous and unsure era of the ’20s, the plot revolves around a varsity football team, who get a new sensation in the form of Carter and a new coach who struggles to keep his attention to football. The romantic-comedy works on a lot of levels and would be liked by the majority for its captivating style and endearing performances.


3. The Hollars (2012)

‘The Hollars’ is Krasinki’s second film on the big screen as a director. The title of the film is indicative of the family it focuses on, the Hollars, a grown-up family that reunites when Mama Hollar suffers a stroke. Her precarious condition gives moments of great sadness and a vague sense of long-lost happiness to the family who never could reconcile their differences. Krasinki’s achievements show in the fact how he managed to keep the film light-hearted with brief undercurrents of humor, rather than going for something depressing and wholly melancholic.


2. A Quiet Place (2018)

Sound-sensitive creatures have taken over the country amidst a dystopian future. The Abbot family stays alive by obeying the new rules if nature and maintaining an anxious silence at all times. One of their gathering expeditions, the youngest, beau is killed by the creatures, after an airplane toy his parents denied against taking inadvertently makes sounds. Years later, Regan, who holds herself responsible for Beau’s death and thinks their father, Lee, does too, finally has found a chink in the armor of the creatures. ‘A Quiet Place’ certainly ranks as one of the best films of the year and makes the upcoming sequel even more exciting.


1. The Office (2005-13)

‘The Office’, the American version, is one of the most special experiences I’ve witnessed. When you generally start a show, the characters become your family and the backdrop your home. This certainly holds true for this show, with which I and many viewers like me have a special connection. Set in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the show follows a shooting crew document the regional office of a mid-range paper selling company, Dunder Mifflin, as part of an experimental project. Michael Scott heads the offices as Regional Manager, with the help of Dwight Schrute, the Assistant TO the Regional Manager. The workspace, which is supposed to be a professional one, blurs the line between work and life, and that is the most special things about the show.