Are Johnna and Garrett From Love After Lockup Still Together?

In the inaugural season of We TV’s ‘Love After Lockup,’ viewers were introduced to the compelling yet tumultuous love story of Johnna DiGrigoli and Garrett Tanner. The legacy of the show, encapsulated in the saga of Johnna and Garrett, continued to captivate audiences with its raw portrayal of love, redemption, and the ever-evolving pursuit of happiness. Their journey began in the unconventional realm of online connections, as Garrett was serving a 7-year sentence for an array of offenses, including grand theft, grand theft auto, credit card fraud, selling stolen property, drug possession, and burglary. Despite the odds stacked against them, Johnna, captivated by Garrett’s charm, embarked on a relationship that became the focal point of the show.

Johnna and Garrett’s Journey Unfolded Against The Backdrop Of Many Challenges

Their journey unfolded against the backdrop of challenges, starting with Johnna’s struggle to secure acceptance from her father for her incarcerated beau. Amidst these family dynamics, Johnna shared her unwavering belief in Garrett’s commitment to their relationship. However, she grappled with the uphill battle of convincing her father to not only meet Garrett but also accept him into their lives. The complexities were further compounded by Garrett’s criminal history, casting shadows over their budding connection.

Yet, Johnna staunchly defended her relationship, emphasizing that Garrett treated her exceptionally well, making her feel beautiful every day. Despite the drop-dead gorgeous looks that captivated her, she asserted that she was not settling just for his looks and adamantly stated that her motivations were not driven by financial considerations. This declaration highlighted the authenticity and depth of their connection, seemingly transcending materialistic concerns. The intricacies of their relationship became fodder for the show as Johnna openly disapproved of how Garrett chose to spend his time and money.

These tensions played out on screen, providing viewers with a front-row seat to the challenges faced by the couple. The clash of values and priorities added complexity to their journey, showcasing the real-life struggles inherent in relationships forged in the crucible of ‘Love After Lockup.’ A pivotal moment in their journey came to light when Johnna discovered that Garrett’s first post-prison drinking binge happened without her. This revelation became a source of friction as Johnna had anticipated sharing this milestone, symbolizing a fresh start after Garrett’s incarceration.

The aftermath of this discovery marked a turning point in their relationship, exposing cracks in their seemingly unshakeable connection. By the end of the season, Johnna and Garrett found themselves engaged, but their future together remained uncertain. The complexities of their relationship, marked by familial challenges, differing priorities, and unexpected revelations, left viewers eagerly anticipating the next chapters in their love story.

Johnna and Garrett Are Not Together Anymore

However, they are not together anymore. Once the cameras stopped rolling, the former couple made the difficult decision to part ways. The culmination of their relationship was marked by Johnna getting cold feet before their wedding day, a moment that altered the course of their lives. In a special episode of ‘Love After Lockup: Where Are They Now?’ the couple addressed their separation. Garrett, candid about the aftermath, revealed that he left the house when Johnna was out of town, embarking on a new chapter of his life. He started dating Nelly, claiming that their connection only blossomed after his breakup with Johnna.

However, Nelly wasn’t the sole presence in Garrett’s life, as he admitted to seeing other women only three months after leaving prison, eventually leading to infidelity in his relationship with Johnna. The aftermath of their separation was not without drama, with Johnna and Nelly engaging in a social media battle. Revelations surfaced, with Johnna admitting to cheating on Garrett during his time in prison. As Garrett’s relationship with Nelly has fizzled out, the dynamics between Johnna and Garrett continue to evolve. In an intriguing twist, Johnna has shed light on an unexplored facet of their history, revealing that she and Garrett had met in middle school, contrary to the story portrayed on the show.

Moreover, a surprising development also emerged, which was not shown on the show, as Garrett’s father and Johnna formed an unexpected bond, meeting for lunch every week. Fast forward to July 2023, and the lives of Johnna and Garrett have taken divergent paths. Johnna has relocated to Kansas City, proudly embracing her single life and a role as mom to dog Penelope Jane. Meanwhile, Garrett revels in his hometown of Tampa, keeping a low profile and steering clear of trouble while assuming the role of brand ambassador for MGN, a clothing brand. He has also ventured into OnlyFans. Notably, he has embarked on a new romantic journey, whose details are still shrouded in mystery.

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