Jon Mitchell-Momoh: Where is Monique Baugh’s Boyfriend Now?

Hulu’s ‘Me, Hereafter: A Message, A Murder’ delves into the events surrounding the homicide of Monique Baugh, a Minnesota-based realtor. She fell victim to a deceptive home-showing call, leading to her abduction, torture, and eventual death in December 2019. Central to the narrative is Jon Mitchell-Momoh, Baugh’s boyfriend and the father of her two daughters. The episode explores his connection to the case and investigates the reasons that made him a victim too.

Who is Jon Mitchell-Momoh?

In 2019, Jon Mitchell-Momoh’s life appeared to be thriving. Residing in Humboldt Avenue, Minneapolis, he was actively involved in raising his two daughters, aged 1 and 3, alongside his longtime girlfriend, Monique Baugh. He was also experiencing positive turns in his professional life as he’d secured a record deal, leading to a steady influx of cash and fame. Eager to share his joy, he once even took to social media, posting videos showcasing green bills literally in his hand. Little did he anticipate that this would lead dominos to fall, abruptly bringing an end to the blissful chapter of his life.

On December 31, 2019, as the family prepared to celebrate New Year’s Eve together, Baugh received a call requesting her presence at a home in Maple Grove for a showing. Despite being unfamiliar with the caller as they were a no-show once before, she opted to go due to the location’s proximity and the seemingly swift nature of the job. Momoh remained at home to care for their daughters. To his shock, within an hour, an intruder, concealed behind a mask with a single eye hole, entered their residence using a key.

Before Momoh could actually react, this masked intruder shot him multiple times. In a desperate bid for his family’s safety, he then rushed upstairs to the room where his 1-year-old daughter was sleeping. He swiftly contacted the police too, concerned for the safety of his other toddler. Responding promptly, law enforcement arrived, providing him with urgent medical assistance. Little did anyone know Baugh’s lifeless body would soon be discovered in a small alley too, with her car still parked at the house where she had gone for the showing.

Detectives were the ones to break the news of his girlfriend’s passing to Momoh while he was recovering at a nearby hospital, driving him to reveal that the attack may have stemmed from a recent disagreement with a friend concerning his professional career. He further disclosed concerns that some individuals suspected him of being an informant, potentially intending to expose a drug trafficking ring operating in the region. The police corroborated the information with respective surveillance footage and apprehended the individuals involved.

In 2020, a comprehensive report detailed that Lyndon Wiggins (stage name “LA”) had orchestrated the attack, hiring Cedric Berry and Berry Davis to carry it out. The latter two had abducted Baugh, placing her in a U-Haul truck before coercively taking her house keys. Subsequently, Cedric entered the residence and shot Momoh multiple times. Believing him to be deceased, the assailants proceeded to subject Baugh to torture before ultimately ending her life. The perpetrators then callously disposed of her body. The caller was Elsa Segura.

Jon Mitchell-Momoh Keeps a Low Profile Today

As news of the crime surfaced, speculations and rumors circulated, suggesting that Monique Baugh’s murder was linked to Jon Mitchell-Momoh’s financial flashiness and his association with drug traffickers. In a 2020 interview, he expressed profound sadness at the unfounded talks. Not only did he grapple with the loss of his partner and the mother of his child, but he also shouldered the weight of blame for her murder.

He said, “They’ve got me looking like a monster… I’ve never seen that Cedric dude in my life. I don’t know him. … I really want to clear the air. It’s like I murdered her. This has really hurt my heart.” Following the arrest and subsequent life sentences of the perpetrators, Momoh has maintained a low profile and limited his interaction with the media. It seems likely that he is channeling his energy into being a supportive presence for his daughters, prioritizing healing, and working towards rebuilding his family in the aftermath of the tragic events.

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