Julian Aubrey Murder: Is Enrique Facelli in Jail Today?

The episode titled ‘Vengeance: Killer Neighbor: Blood and Terror’ chronicles the homicide of Julian Aubrey, a widely esteemed community member who enjoyed a substantial support network of friends and family. His life was tragically cut short when he was discovered brutally stabbed to death in his apartment several days after the incident. Despite encountering various investigative obstacles, the police eventually identified Enrique Facelli as the perpetrator behind the murder. However, the motive for his actions remained a perplexing puzzle for everyone involved.

How Did Julian Aubrey Die?

Julian Aubrey’s childhood took a turn for the tumultuous when his parents divorced, introducing a challenging period in his upbringing. Identifying as a gay man since his school days, Julian faced bullying due to his sexual orientation. The documentary revealed that Julian, despite enduring a difficult childhood, found the strength to confront his own experiences with child sexual abuse. As he matured, he took legal action against his abuser, seeking justice through a formal complaint.

Drawing from his painful yet inspiring journey, Julian dedicated his life to helping others as he worked with victims of abuse and violence. His advocacy extended to becoming the co-chairman of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea LGBT liaison group. Notably, he was honored by the Princess Royal for his commendable work in counseling victims of sexual abuse, showcasing his resilience and commitment to supporting those who had suffered similarly.

In 2017, Julian Aubrey had been residing in West Kensington, London, for approximately 19 years. On October 30, 2017, his neighbor, Enrique Facelli, noticed that Aubrey’s door was wide open. Concerned, Facelli alerted the building staff, who subsequently discovered Aubrey lying lifeless inside his apartment with multiple stab wounds. The 55-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital, and a post-mortem examination conducted the following day revealed a total of 22 stab wounds as the cause of his death. It was determined that Aubrey had passed away a couple of days before the discovery of his body, and the watch that he generally wore was also missing.

Who Killed Julian Aubrey?

Given Julian Aubrey’s professional involvement, the police initially considered the possibility that the crime might be linked to his close interactions with individuals struggling with addiction to hard drugs such as cocaine. Despite this line of inquiry, the investigation faced numerous dead ends and cold arrests that failed to provide any meaningful leads. Eventually, the police turned their attention to Enrique Facelli, the individual who had discovered Aubrey’s lifeless body. However, lacking substantial evidence, the police were compelled to release Facelli as well.

After the forensic analysis, the police rearrested Enrique Facelli on February 27, 2018. The examination revealed the presence of a white crystal powder, identified as caustic soda, on Julian Aubrey’s body. Further investigation unveiled that Facelli had purchased caustic soda from a shop near the building just three days before the murder. Additionally, DNA evidence was discovered on Aubrey’s body, providing a crucial link connecting Facelli to the crime scene.

The motive behind Facelli’s act of murder proved challenging to establish. Facelli, himself a respected member of the community and a cultural attaché at the Embassy of Uruguay, had a longstanding friendship with Julian Aubrey. However, their relationship had soured after 2015, marked by numerous complaints and counter-complaints. Facelli accused Aubrey of leaving garbage in communal areas, making excessive noise at night by opening his mailbox, and even going so far as to claim that Aubrey deliberately left feces on the stairwell to falsely implicate Facelli’s dog.

Following a complaint made by Facelli to a mental health institution in November 2015, the institution documented signs of paranoia and a delusional disorder in his behavior. Subsequently, the police discovered that Facelli had been terminated from his position at the embassy due to episodes related to this mental health disorder. In a disturbing revelation, it was found that a few months before the murder, Facelli had entered Aubrey’s residence armed with an ax and a crowbar, firmly convinced that Aubrey posed a threat to him. Under the delusion that Aubrey was practicing “dark arts”, worshipping the devil and plotting to harm him.

Where is Enrique Facelli Now?

In August 2018, 49-year-old Enrique Facelli opted not to go to trial and instead pleaded guilty to manslaughter, utilizing the defense of diminished responsibility. During his hearing at Old Bailey, the judge issued a hospital order without a time limit. While there have been no recent updates on the current status of Facelli, who will now likely be around 54, Aubrey’s sister, Louise Turner, revealed in the documentary that her life has been profoundly affected. She expressed that Aubrey, a kind and gentle man, did not deserve to meet such a horrific fate.

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