Julie and The Phantoms Filming Locations

Netflix’s ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ is a supernatural musical teen drama that serves a unique story to the audience. It follows the events in the life of a girl named Julie. After her mother’s death, she becomes disinterested in music and contemplates leaving it altogether. But a turn arrives in her story when three ghosts materialize in her garage. Having died twenty-five years ago, they have only now appeared in the form of ghosts. Julie is the only one who can see them, and when they play music together, they become alive to the audience. The ghosts also use their powers to roam around the city, which gives us a good look at the surroundings. If you want to know where the show has been filmed, here’s the answer.

Where is Julie and The Phantoms Filmed?

‘Julie and The Phantoms’ presents a unique musical collaboration where a teenage girl becomes friends with three ghosts. They are brought together by their love for music, but their losses are also the things that unite them. Another commonality shared by them is their desire to be known for their talents. Their dreams soar higher as they discover that they work better together. For a story about dreams, nothing serves as a better location than Los Angeles. While the story is set in LA, the filming of ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ actually took place in Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The story of ‘Julie and The Phantoms’ takes place in LA, where a young girl meets three ghosts in her garage and forms a band with them. Though the events unfold in the City of Angels, the production headed towards Hollywood of the North to film the series. The shooting of the entire TV show took place in Vancouver, where the crew was spotted filming at several spots.

One of the most important locations in the series is the school that Julie attends. It is at Los Feliz High that she joins a music program, where she hangs out with Flynn and harbors a crush on Nick. Some dance sequences also take place here. One happens in the halls as Julie daydreams, and the other happens when she and Nick pair up. The filming of these scenes took place on different sets to make it look like one place.

Another scene focusing on the events that take place in the school is the one where Julie goes on stage to reclaim her place in the music program. This is where she makes her first appearance with the Phantoms. The filming of this scene took place at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom on 868 Granville St. For the scenes that take place at Julie’s house, the garage, and at Caleb’s special place where he holds Gatsby-style parties, the crew relied on sets to stage all these scenes.

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