Where Was Kajillionaire Filmed?

Filmmaker Miranda July’s offbeat film ‘Kajillionaire’ plays on the same whimsical elements that we have come to relate with July and her previous works. It is supposedly a heist movie, but it reads more like a character study of the weirdest personality in the film – oddball Old Dolio, whose tresses fall in two long, lifeless shanks down the baggy tracksuits she’s usually drowning in. The movie follows a con-artist couple and their life of lowly crime with the daughter they’ve raised to scam, steal, and swindle her way through life.

Things turn a little topsy-turvy when the family of con persons befriends a charming and curious girl who hops on board to help them with a desperate, ill-conceived heist. If you’re interested to know about the filming locations of this whimsically weird movie, we’ve got you covered.

Kajillionaire Filming Locations

‘Kajillionaire’ is set in the non-glamorous, drab yet sun-soaked downtown Los Angeles, as visually different from Hollywood as it can be. The sublimely surreal setting and shooting locations in the film are a reflection of the film’s main characters – seemingly dull and dusty. The movie is a rather slow-moving narrative of the long-lasting effects of bad parenting.

Los Angeles, California

‘Kajillionaire’ was majorly filmed in various locations around the city of Los Angeles in California. The spots that the production team picked for filming are all glaringly non-descript and unglamorous and look decidedly otherworldly in the film. Some of the neighborhoods that the movie was filmed in are North Hollywood, City of Industry, the fringes of the region below the Fashion District, that is not even strictly a part of Los Angeles.

The family of grifters has their home in an office next to a bubbles factory. The surrealism of soapy suds seeping through a wall, in juxtaposition with the hyperrealism of everyday personal belongings, make for a charmingly odd homely setting. The eye-popping green metal-covered building next to the Dyne family’s home is a metal smelting place located in the industrial suburbs of Los Angeles.

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