Is Kanan Gill Married? Is His Wife Norwegian?

In Netflix’s ‘Christmas as Usual,’ an Indian man visits his Norwegian girlfriend’s family for Christmas. He hopes to win them over, which is important because he has already proposed to his girlfriend, who has said yes. However, things don’t go as well as he had planned, and at one point, things look rather bleak for the couple. At the beginning of the film, the viewers are told that the story is based on true events, which makes the audience wonder if it’s based on the experience of one of the actors. How much does Kanan Gill, who plays the male protagonist, have in common with the character?

Christmas as Usual is Not Kanan Gill’s Story

As is often seen in movies starring a comedian, the story is sometimes based on the comedian’s own experience. Considering that Kanan Gill has had quite a successful career as one and is also known to have worked in films and TV, his fans are bound to wonder if ‘Christmas as Usual’ is about him. It’s not. As far as is known, Gill is not currently married.

Kanan Gill’s real-life relationship status remains a mystery as the comedian prefers to keep his private life out of the public’s view. He was last known to have been in a relationship with independent legal consultant Amshula Prakash, but whether or not they are still together cannot be confirmed. Gill is not unaware of this interest in his private life and has teased the fans with posts like the following, where he makes it look like he got engaged but actually didn’t.

Based in Bangalore, India, Gill is one of the most well-known contemporary Indian stand-up comedians. He has co-hosted a couple of YouTube channels, served as a judge on Prime Video’s reality show, ‘Comicstaan,’ released a couple of comedy specials, and worked in a Bollywood film named ‘Noor.’ ‘Christmas as Usual’ is his second feature film and first Netflix film.

While it cannot be confirmed whether Gill himself is in a relationship with a girl from Norway, it is confirmed that the film is not based on his story. It is written and directed by Petter Holmsen who based it on the real story of his sister, Mia, and her husband, Akshay. It is loosely inspired by the Christmas in which Mia introduced Akshay to her family and how they reacted to the relationship on the holiday that came as a cultural shock to Akshay. Gill portrays Jashan’s feelings pretty strongly, and no doubt talked to Akshay about what he may or may not have felt when he was in that situation to make it more realistic for the screen. As for himself, Gill hasn’t yet shared any similar story with the audience.

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