Kelcey Wetterberg: Where is the Ex-Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Now?

In recent years, the rigor and dedication required for cheerleading have gained widespread recognition and appreciation from the general public. Netflix’s ‘America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ shines a spotlight on the most famous cheerleading squad, the DCC, as they prepare for and navigate the 2023-2024 NFL season. One candidate who outshines all others is Kelcey Wetterberg, who emerged as an inspirational leader in her fifth season with the team. Her expertise and command on and off the field were equally impressive, showcasing a young woman thriving in her element.

Kelcey Wetterberg Heavily Inspired Other Cheerleaders

It was Kelcey Wetterberg’s fifth year as a veteran Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She excelled during her audition, reflecting on how much things had changed over the years. Throughout the NFL season, Kelcey consistently put her best foot forward at every step. Her father shared that she had a passion for dancing from a young age. There was no doubt in the director’s or the choreographer’s mind when it came to selecting Kelcey for the final group of 36; she was in top form, quick on her feet, and highly flexible.

With her experience, Kelcey quickly became a role model for rookie candidates and even some veterans. She maintained her composure and offered support to those struggling to cope with the demands of the season or faltering in any way. As a group leader, she diligently performed her role, and even when dancing next to Dolly Parton, she showcased her true self without hesitation. When the season concluded, Kelcey announced she would focus on other aspects of her life and would not be returning to the squad. As she hung up her uniform, she did not doubt her decision and looked forward to new opportunities in her life.

Kelsey Wetterberg is Working as a Pediatric Nurse Today

Along with being a cheerleader, Kelcey has also been working as a pediatric nurse. She shared that with her cheerleading career behind her, her work as a nurse has put the priorities of her life in perspective, and she would like to focus solely on that. She received her degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and was splitting her time between dancing and her duties as a nurse, but she will now entirely focus on the latter. Kelcey’s dedication to her work as a cheerleader is evident from her lifelong passion for dancing, which began at the tender age of 3. By the age of 8, she was already competing professionally.

She joined the Nebraska Dance Company and the Millard West Dance Team in high school, showcasing her talents early on. Her journey continued at Arizona State University, where her performance skills shone brightly on the college dance team. In 2017, she earned the prestigious title of Gold Medalist with the United States National Jazz Team. That same year, she took on the role of Choreography Captain for the Nebraska Scarlets Dance Team, honing her leadership skills. This path of excellence and dedication ultimately led her to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, where she became a standout performer and inspirational leader.

Kelcey Wetterberg is a Philanthrope

In January 2024, Kelcey’s post on her social media sparked speculation about whether she would retire. Many of her fans urged her to stay, believing her journey with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders was far from over. However, shortly afterward, she dispelled the rumors and decided to leave clear. Despite retiring, Kelcey has not wholly disassociated from her squad. In March 2024, she joined her former team members for the Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade, a unique celebration held in Dallas for the last 20 years. This event highlighted her ongoing connection to the team and enduring presence in the cheerleading community.

Kelcey’s commitment to philanthropy and wellness truly shone through in April 2024. She collaborated with Woodhouse Spa Plano, a daily health and beauty spa she vouches for, citing its help in alleviating her stress. In honor of Nurses Week, she organized a giveaway at the spa, offering an 80-minute massage session to nurses, showcasing her dedication to giving back. In June 2024, Kelcey had the opportunity to relax and enjoy herself at the Netflix Summer Break Event. There, she mingled with other Netflix stars, which she found a lot of fun.

Kelcey also engaged in a brand collaboration with Skin Pharm in June 2024. She detailed the entire microneedling process and her journey, further demonstrating her commitment to sharing wellness and beauty tips with her audience. Overall, it has been an eventful few months for her, and she is making the most of every opportunity she is presented with.

Kelcey Wetterberg is Immersed in Wedding Preparations

Kelcey got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Nate Crnkovich, in September 2023. He is an actor as well as the owner of Green Light IV, which offers IV Therapy services. Nate orchestrated a beautiful photoshoot as a pretense, during which he proposed to her. Following the proposal, he and Kelcey’s friends from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC) team organized a surprise engagement party. After the season ended, she and her fiancé enjoyed a vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands, where they could spend quality time together and unwind.

Kelcey is now deeply involved in wedding preparations, planning to marry this year and start a family. Originally from Nebraska, she has made Texas her home, though it remains to be seen where she plans to settle down. Her life is enriched with love from many sources, including her dog Lucy and lifelong friends like Chandi, whom she met through DCC. Kelcey is relishing in all the love and fulfillment her life offers.

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