Where is Kelz from Too Hot to Handle Today?

‘Too Hot To Handle’ stays true to its name. The new dating reality show by Netflix has gathered some of the most attractive individuals from all over the world and put them in a luxury island villa. The competitive game series prohibits the players from engaging in any kind of sexual activity and pave a way to form deeper connections. Prize money of $100,000 is announced to incentivize the process. While some find it hard not to bite into the forbidden fruit, Kelz faces absolutely no problem at all. And it is not because he is not fond of pleasure or is in the search for true love; it is because he is absolutely obsessed with money!

Who is Kelechi “Kelz” Dyke?

Kelechi Dyke, aka Kelz, is a sportsperson from the UK. He is a part of an American football team based in South London called ‘London Warriors’. His team has won the national championship two years in a row! Standing tall at 6’6, the gentle giant has described himself as the alpha male on the show. He claimed that there could be only one king of the jungle and he was it. He even has a lion tattooed on his arm.


Kelz was born to Nigerian parents and was raised in Austria. He moved to the UK in his teenage years and was exposed to different cultures. Having graduated from the University of Portsmouth, he has had a colorful career. He was not only a fitness trainer but also a consultant for a recruitment company.

The super-fit handsome hunk decided to refrain from physical contact as soon as he heard about the prize money. He was so focused on winning the money and counting the losses due to rule breaches that fellow players gave him the nickname ‘The Accountant’. Anyone who broke the rule would be afraid of Kelz’s wrath and fury. He found a friend in co-star Matthew, and both of them kept tabs on couples that were likely to get intimate.

Kelz’s restraint, self-control, and will power were tested when he was made to go on a date with the show’s sexy Goddess, Francesca. She tried to make him break the rule, and even though he was tempted to, he didn’t give in. He also had a small tiff with co-star Harry because of his date with Francesca. The duo fought to assert dominance over each other. They later reconciled after putting their ego and pride aside.

Where is Kelz Now?

Kelz didn’t form a connection on the show, but he was over the moon when he won a piece of that prize money. Richer by $7,500, he partied with his buddies Matthew, Bryce, and David on Bryce’s boat after the shoot wrapped up. According to Kelz’s Instagram account, he has been traveling a lot, from Mexico to Portugal to Vegas. Check out his stories in the highlights section.


He is often seen partying with other reality television stars and his football teammates. Kelz is also seen at various high-end brand launches and promotes some on his page too. It seems like he is still single and focused on earning more of those dollars!


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