Ken McNickle: Where is Survivor 33 Runner-Up Now?

The 33rd season of CBS’ cult hit reality television series ‘Survivor,’ titled ‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X,’ brought in several promising contestants and witnessed lots of unforeseen drama; Adam Klein eventually took the title home. However, another participant who stood out and earned praise was one of the runners-up, Ken McNickle. He was an extremely hard-working key member of his tribe and a really strong competitor, having single-handedly won four Immunity Challenges. Ken’s performances and his charming personality earned him a legion of fans who must be wondering where their favorite contestant is these days.

Ken’s All-Round Skills Saw Him As One Of The Finalists

Wamego, Kansas native Ken McNickle proved his mettle on the show right from the word go. Despite being a shy and reserved contestant, he intended to win the coveted title to show his daughter what it meant to fight for something and win it. He wanted to win the cash prize also to ensure he was able to provide her with the life he had envisioned for them. His strengths in taking challenges head-on and his experiences with camp life ensured that the target was on the other outsiders mostly.

Ken chose to align with CeCe Taylor and David Wright so he could wield some power. Throughout the season, Ken built a strong bond with Jessica Lewis, and the two worked well together till she got eliminated in a tiebreaker. Due to their friendship, he received the Legacy Advantage from her. However, his quiet nature often saw him getting overshadowed by his strategic allies, Hannah Shapiro, David, and Adam Klein.

It was in the last nine days of the game that he began to make his presence felt. Despite being loyal to David throughout, Ken decided to vote against him. This decision of his backfired on him. In the Final Tribal Council, he received flak for choosing to preach integrity after he ousted his closest ally. Ken eventually failed to win a single vote from the jury and shared the position of runners-up with Hannah after unanimously losing to Adam in a 10-0-0 vote.

Ken McNickle is a Proud Father and Life Coach Today

After ‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X,’ wrapped up, the Wamego, Kansas native and former model returned to his life in Denver. Being a community activist, Ken’s primary focus has been on helping the homeless through his ‘HumaneKind,’ a non-profit organization that he runs. He also founded TheJourneyMen, a passion project that helps men looking to explore the world around them. He also enjoys playing his guitar and performing under the name, Mo Chroi.  In an interview with Parade, Ken shared his plans on doing ‘Survivor’ again if given a choice. He said, “Absolutely. I would go out tomorrow. But I wouldn’t be so nice.”

He continued, “I have another side to me that my brothers and other people have seen when they push me to my limit. When I hit that switch, I’m not as nice. And that’s what I would have to do.” Ken was disappointed with the way his journey on the show ended and wished fans saw a bit more of him than was shown. He further added, “I worked a lot. They didn’t show as much of that as I would have liked. It was a great edit and the producers are absolutely amazing, and I feel honored to be on the show. But I wish some more of my strategic moves had been on there.”

The 41-year-old single parent has remained quite tight-lipped about his current relationship status. Once Hawaii’s most eligible bachelor, Ken now spends most of his time focusing on being a hands-on father to his teenage daughter, whom he calls his “best friend and soulmate.” He also owns a cute four-legged furry friend named Lou. On the professional front, he currently works as a life coach in Helping Hearts to Heal, where he counsels and coaches people to find positivity and happiness in life through mini retreats and online support groups. Ken is quite active on social media and chronicles his journey as a life coach while also giving glimpses into his life in the mountains, where he often prefers to escape.

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