Why Did Kenny Arias Leave Selling the Hamptons?

Set in the Hamptons, New York, Max’s ‘Selling the Hamptons’ focuses on various real estate agents of Nest Seekers International. The objective of the featured cast members is to maximize their profits by selling as many properties as possible in the summer season, as this is when most buyers and sellers are interested in the properties in the area.

In the first season of the show, viewers were introduced to many realtors whom they easily developed an interest in. Among these, Kenny Arias certainly stood out to many, which is why his absence in the show’s second season has confused many, with fans questioning the reasons behind the same.

Kenny Arias is Not a Local Hamptons Realtor

As of writing, Kenny Arias has not shared any official reason as to why he was not in ‘Selling the Hamptons’ season 2. Given his prominent presence in the premiere season of the series, the absence is certainly a striking one, especially for those who saw him find his own footing in the Hamptons real estate market. Not only did he foster some great connections during his time on the show, but he also impressed the world with his skills as a realtor.

However, there does seem to be one possible explanation as to why Kenny may have chosen not to come back for another season of the series. After he first appeared in the Max show, viewers quickly got to know one thing that was very important: he is not from the Hamptons. In fact, the realtor actually hails from Miami, Florida, and had been exploring the Hamptons real estate market during the highly active time from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Having had a successful run, Kenny had claimed in the season 1 finale that he was planning on continuing his summers in the Hamptons and then remaining in Miami in the winters, an arrangement he thought certainly would be beneficial. However, it seems like the real estate agent may have shelved this particular plan during the filming of the show’s second season. Though he remains affiliated with Nest Seekers International, Kenny’s latest listings are not based in the Hamptons.

That is not to say that Kenny is not doing well in his career. In fact, he has expanded from his work in Miami and is also active in the Dominican Republic’s real estate market, especially in the town of Punta Cana. It is highly possible that the realtor may have decided to focus on dealing with properties in Miami and the Caribbean, which may have left him with little time to come back to the Hamptons and resume his work as a realtor.

Noticeably, many of Kenny’s listings in Miami are multi-million dollar properties with impressive amenities and views to be envious of. As for his listings in Punta Cana, most seem to be condos that are part of ocean-facing properties full of vacation-specific facilities that are sure to make the buyers happy. With his career flourishing, its is safe to say that the reality TV star id doing well and good even though he did not return for the second installment of ‘Selling the Hamptons.’

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