Kent Rollins: Where is the Barbecue Showdown Contestant Now?

The Netflix reality cooking series ‘Barbecue Showdown’ sees pitmasters compete against each other to create the most flavorful dishes to avoid elimination and win a large cash prize. The third season of the show introduced us to a diverse array of friendly personalities who specialized in barbecue with their own unique styles. Despite tough competition, Kent Rollins captured our attention with his traditional methods of cooking, lighthearted charm, and deliberate demeanor. After his graceful departure from the show, some may seek to learn about the updates in the veteran’s life.

Kent Rollins Continues Preserving a Historical Way of Life

Known for his outdoor cooking and living on the move with a chuck wagon, Kent Rollins is a salt-of-the-earth cowboy who has a massive following, including 3 million YouTube subscribers. He uploads videos detailing recipes, tips, and techniques for outdoor cooking with grills, Dutch ovens, and cast iron utensils. Some of his latest tutorials include preparing ribeye steak with cowboy butter, quick part ribs, smoked salmon with coconut sriracha sauce, and Lincoln’s favorite meal: chicken fricassee. He also recreated popular dishes like Smokey and the Bandit’s classic sandwich, Burger King’s Whopper, Great Depression-era Hoover Stew, and the Big Mac cheeseburger casserole.

After the show, the Hollis, Oklahoma-born cowboy spoke to Chris Gregory on the podcast ‘Final Approach,’ which delved into his story, struggles, and way of life. Rollins also shared a behind-the-scenes video with his wife, Shannon, revealing that they shoot all their videos on iPhones while showcasing their recording equipment. With the arrival of 2024, the pitmaster has grown out his mustache and begun waxing it into a handlebar. He continued to travel in his signature style and visited Western heritage festivals and interesting food outlets, such as Omahoma Bob’s Barbeque, in April 2024.

Kent Rollins Travels the Country With His Chuck Wagon

Early July 2024 saw the Cowboy collaborate with Mr H and Friends, a British food blogging family. They taught Rollins how to make Sticky Toffee Pudding while he adapted their method for outdoor cooking in a Dutch oven. Funnily enough, the two parties often struggled to understand each other owing to their respective strong accents. Proclaimed the Official Chuck Wagon of Oklahoma in 1996 by the governor, Rollins has made it his mission to revive and keep his cherished historical cooking methods and lifestyle alive. He often writes cookbooks and sells his own ingredients and cookware on his website.

With his prolific traveling experiences, fans are able to interact with him on the trail as he attends and hosts various events. In March, he hosted a dinner event at a historic theater in downtown Wellington, Texas, treating guests to a chuck wagon meal with wine as they enjoyed The Cleverlys’ show. He is slated to appear at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on July 27, 2024. At the event, he is set to give two presentations followed by a meet and greet, with his products and cookbooks available for attendees to browse at Persimmon Hill.

Kent Rollins Lost His Best Friend and Home

Rollins has an especially big heart when it comes to communities and pets, often raising funds for various causes and charities. In June 2024, he lost his best friend, Bonehead, the beagle. Bonehead was one of his dogs, or as he calls them, angels with fur. He was a loyal, determined, and joyful companion, and Rollins released a video dedicated to recounting his memories. “He was one of my favorite hellos, and probably one of my hardest goodbyes,” he said while holding back tears. To honor his memory, the grieving outdoorsman made a call to action for people to donate to the Humane Society of Lincoln County, which cares for abandoned pets and carries out rescues.

Later in the month, wildfires raged across Lincoln County and Ruidoso, New Mexico. Among those who lost their homes in the natural disaster was Kent Rollins. Nevertheless, he did not dwell on his own grievances but requested that prayers and support be offered to those fighting the fires. He praised the great work done by the Humane Society of Lincoln County in evacuating all the pets from the region and emphasized the donations they could use for the good cause. “There were so many people that have been evacuated, so many homes that were lost, our home was lost out there,” he said in the aforementioned video. “We ask you for your prayers for that country.”

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