Kevin Anderson: The Police Officer Continues to Serve His Community Today

The relentless dedication and unwavering commitment of police authorities can bring about significant positive changes in the lives of individuals, showcasing the transformative impact of their honest work. One exemplary illustration of such dedication is embodied by PC Kevin Anderson, whose character is spotlighted in Netflix’s ‘Can I Tell You A Secret?’. The documentary highlights Anderson’s tireless efforts and meticulous work, particularly in the case of capturing and incarcerating one of the UK’s most notorious cyberstalkers.

Who is Kevin Anderson?

By 2019, Police Constable Kevin Anderson had accumulated over 20 years of experience working with the Cheshire Constabulary when he was handed a cyberstalking case involving Matthew Hardy. The case intrigued Anderson, prompting him to delve into the internal records to determine if any prior complaints had been filed against the same individual. To his astonishment, Anderson discovered approximately 100 occurrences logged in the system, featuring complaints from 62 victims. Hardy had been arrested around 10 times and had voluntarily presented himself for investigation on three separate occasions since 2011.

Anderson, recognizing that Hardy’s victim pool extended beyond Cheshire, proactively reached out to various police constabularies and officers, inquiring about any ongoing cases involving Hardy. Numerous responses followed, revealing that many victims had managed to unmask Hardy’s identity and reported him to the police. Unfortunately, the victims claimed that their reports were either dismissed or lacked sufficient evidence. Anderson, driven by determination and a commitment to justice, stepped in to alter the trajectory of the investigation.

Anderson took particular notice of cases like Lia Hambly’s, recognizing the extensive damage inflicted upon the victims’ lives. Reaching out to these survivors, he assured them of his commitment to their cases. Those featured in the documentary attested that Anderson was the first authority figure who made them feel heard. In February 2020, Anderson arrested Hardy, seizing his tablet, SIM cards, and router but it was not enough and Hardy walked free.

During this crucial phase, Anderson found invaluable assistance in Lia’s meticulous 700-page file of evidence, documenting every interaction with Hardy. Lia’s detailed documentation provided numerous starting points for Anderson, who demonstrated unwavering personal dedication to the case. Burning the midnight oil, he painstakingly strung together each clue, eventually constructing a compelling case. This relentless effort bore fruit, culminating in the formal charging of Hardy in March 2021.

Where is Kevin Anderson Now?

As a result of the compelling case constructed by PC Kevin Anderson, Hardy received a 9-year sentence, constituting one of the most substantial penalties in the history of stalking cases in the UK. The survivors expressed their gratitude for Anderson’s dedicated work, celebrating the outcome. In a public statement on behalf of Cheshire police, Anderson extended his thanks to the victims for their courage in coming forward and assisting in the pursuit of justice.

He said, “Having led on this case for more than 18 months I have seen the emotional distress and turmoil that Hardy has inflicted on his victims – he did all of this while hiding behind his computer screen. The impact on those affected by his actions has been immense, causing some of them to change some of their daily habits, and live in constant fear that they were being watched… Thankfully, Hardy has now been held accountable for his actions, and his online activity has finally been brought to a stop. I hope that the conclusion of this case will provide some closure for his victims and enable them to rebuild and move forward with their lives.”

In October 2022, during the annual ACE (Achieving Cheshire Excellence) Awards held by the Cheshire Constabulary, Anderson received acknowledgment for his contributions. He was honored with the Investigator of the Year award, recognizing his efforts in the Hardy case, and his compassion and personal commitment were also commended. As of the last reports, he is still working for the Cheshire Police Department and continues to contribute to the community.

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