Kielyn Marrone From Alone: Everything We Know

History Channel’s hit survival series ‘Alone’ follows a group of survivalists, who document their adventures, as they step foot into separate remote locations in the wilderness, aiming to survive for as long as they can, with minimal survival equipment. The contestant that outlasts the others wins a grand cash prize of $1 million. Season 7 introduced us to many brave and skilled survivalists, who are ready to endure any pain inflicted upon them by mother nature, as they focus on achieving their goal. One such contestant is Kielyn Marrone, whose resilience and determination helped her garner a lot of fans. Here’s everything you need to know about her!

Kielyn Marrone Nationality: Where is She From?

Kielyn was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. As a kid, Kie loved going on hikes and participating in other adventurous activities, along with her brother Mathew Masin. When Kie was young, her mother, Sandy Masin, would stitch matching outfits for her before realizing that her daughter is more inclined towards wearing a comfortable T-shirt and airy shorts.

Kie is still close to her mother and brother, and the two are official contributors to her business. Sandy makes anoraks as the full-time seamstress, while Matt helps Kie on their Explorer’s Club Expeditions. She currently lives on a homestead in Espanola, Northern Ontario, Canada.

Kielyn Marrone’s Husband

In the wild-lands of Northern Ontario, Kie lives with her husband Dave, on a self-constructed property. Dave and Kie have been together for over thirteen years now and by looking at their social media posts and captions, we can surely say that their love only keeps growing, with each passing day. Dave and Kie are both survival experts, which is why they complement each other so well and can run their joint business with ease.

Speaking of her connection with Dave, Kie wrote in a post, “We do everything together. Which is why when we’re apart it feels like a part of me has been ripped out of me.” Although they don’t have a child of their own, Dave and Kie are proud parents to Jester Hankster the Prankster dog, and King Lenny the wild cat.

Kielyn Marrone: Age and Profession

Kielyn was 33-year-old during the filming of the seventh season of ‘Alone.’ She co-owns a tour agency called Lure of the North that specializes in traditional winter travel, handcrafted pieces of equipment, and clothing, along with providing tips and techniques to survive in the wilderness. Kielyn and Dave established the agency in 2011 out of a sheer passion for an off-grid life but it has now transformed into a full-time business that is growing with each passing day.

Their core team comprises their family members, including Kie and Dave’s respective mothers and brothers. The best-selling item of the brand Lure of the North is their hand made Anoraks, which not only provides protection from the cold but also looks super cool.

Apart from training people to do a proper bushwhack through the forest, cross the mighty Lower Missinaibi and Moose River or trail along the Sturgeon River on a Trans Temagami Expedition, Kie loves to take risks and improve her skills.

While most of us are scared to even dip our hands in icy cold water, the adventure freak takes a polar plunge every year, to train her body and mind to survive the freezing temperature in the winters. If you are someone who loves to challenge and strengthen their survival skills, Kielyn can be someone you can look up to.

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