Killer Dream Home Cast And Filming Location Details

‘Killer Dream Home’ is a Lifetime original thriller film written and directed by Jake Helgren. Lifetime is one of the TV networks constantly coming out with new films for its audiences. With an impressive cast and technical finesse, these films have often proved to be great watches. ‘Killer Dream Home’ looks like a brilliant addition to the Lifetime thriller canon. Helgren is a Lifetime veteran who has written and directed a number of TV movies over the years, the likes of which include titles like ‘The Good Nanny’ (2017), ‘Babysitter’s Nightmare’ (2019) and ‘Psycho Stripper’ (2019).

The story of ‘Killer Dream Home’ centers around Jules and Josh Grant, a couple who have recently bought a home in a stunningly beautiful estate. Considering their inexperience in interior decorations and the huge size of the house, the couple decides that the best way to deal with the same is to recruit a young and talented girl called Morgan. Although things start off well, the Grants soon realize that Morgan has a weird attachment to their house and she might even cause them harm if they ask her to leave.

TV movies like ‘Killer Dream Home’ are made on small budgets and thus it is not feasible for the producers of such films to send their cast and crew from one country to another in order to find the perfect filming locations for their projects. These movies are mainly shot in indoor locations, in Los Angeles, or certain Canadian regions that have exciting tax incentives on offer for film production companies.

Killer Dream Home Cast:

Brazilian-American actress Maiara Walsh plays the role of Jules Grant. Her most famous TV role has of course been her appearance on the hit show ‘Desperate Housewives’. We can also check her out in the shows ‘The Last Ship‘ and ‘Switched At Birth’. The character of Jules’ husband is portrayed in the film by John DeLuca. A television veteran, DeLuca has acted in a number of shows and TV movies over the years, with his most important works being in the shows ‘Twisted’ and ‘General Hospital’. Morgan, the antagonist of the film, is played by Eve Mauro. Her television career of over a decade has seen Mauro play different characters in the shows ‘Dystopia’, ‘Age Of The Living Dead’, and ‘The Oath’. Other major characters of the film have been played by Brooke Butler, Mayra Leal, Robin Riker, and others.

Killer Dream Home Filming Locations:

Unfortunately, no information has been released by the cast and crew of the ‘Killer Dream Home’ regarding the filming locations of the movie. However, considering the fact that the film centers around the unhealthy obsession a character has with a particular house, we can easily presume that the location where the film was shot does not affect the narrative in any way. Considering the fact that most of the actors in this film are from America, chances of the filming being done in and around Los Angeles are pretty high.