Kohrra Ending, Explained: Who is the Killer?

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Netflix’s ‘Kohrra’ follows the story of two police officers tasked with investigating the murder of an NRI who was killed two days before his wedding. What seems like the work of a single killer soon turns into an examination of the relationships between the victim, his family, and the people close to them. Several factors emerge which drive the course of the investigation while the police officers grapple with the challenges in their personal lives that test their mettle. When the truth comes out, everyone must reconsider the definition of love and how it has affected their lives. Here’s what the ending means. SPOILERS AHEAD

Kohrra Plot Synopsis

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Paul Dhillon, who was to marry Veera in two days, is found in a field with a cut on his neck and a smashed head. His best friend, Liam, has also been missing, though it doesn’t come to light until after people find out about Paul’s death. Sub-inspectors Balbir and Garundi are tasked to solve the case. They discover that Veera had an ex-boyfriend whom she’d dumped as soon as she was engaged to be married. A couple of days ago, Paul had an accident with a bus that deliberately drove into his car.

The investigation reveals more secrets between the family members as the cops find out that Paul’s father and uncle had been in the middle of a property dispute. His cousin, Honey, hated him and wanted him gone. As the pressure mounts on the police to solve the case, Balbir and Garundi also deal with personal struggles. Balbir’s daughter wants to divorce her husband, with whom she has a son, and go back to her ex-boyfriend. Garundi wants to get married, but his sister-in-law, with whom he has a complicated relationship, refuses to let him go.

Kohrra Ending: Who Killed Paul?

Paul’s dead body had two fatal wounds. One was the cut on his neck as if someone had slashed him with a blunt blade. The other was the wound on his head, which means someone smashed it with something like a rock. On canvassing the crime scene, the cops didn’t find any of the murder weapons. However, the forensic report revealed that Paul had died of the wound on his dead. At first, the cops considered that it might have been done by one person. Later, however, they discover that the wounds were inflicted by two different people.

Tracking the whereabouts of Paul and Liam on the night of the murder, the cops discover that they went to a liquor store to buy some beer. There, they enquired about the availability of cocaine, so the store owner sent them to a local drug dealer named Kulli. When Kulli gave them heroin instead of cocaine, they refused to pay him and left after an altercation. An angry Kulli followed them on his scooter, which broke down in the middle of the road.

Somehow, Kulli managed to restart the scooter and found Paul’s car parked by the road. There was no one in the car, but Kulli saw an injured Paul lying in the field. He thought Paul was dead, so he stole his watch. As he was leaving, Paul caught hold of his hand. Scared, angry, and a little high, Kulli grabbed a rock and hit Paul with it. Caught in a frenzy, he hit Paul until the man was dead and then left the scene. However, Kulli asserts that he didn’t slash Paul’s neck.

What Was in Liam’s Voicemail?

Through Kulli’s confession, it is confirmed that Paul died at his hands. However, there’s still the mystery of that cut on his neck. Someone tried to kill Paul but failed, and the cops needed to figure that out because it could also be the key to solving Liam’s disappearance and murder. At first, they consider Honey, Paul’s cousin, who was jealous of him because his father always favored him and never considered Honey good enough. They discover that Honey had paid a bus driver to cause an accident and kill Paul, but that attempt failed.

The truth never really comes out because there are no witnesses, but from all the different pieces of the story, Balbir comes up with the version that fits the best. The key to completing that puzzle is revealed by Clara, Liam’s mother. Before returning home with her son’s dead body, she tells Balbir about the voicemail Liam sent her on the night of the murder. In it, he talked about how he had lost Paul. He said he had messed up and lost him for good this time. He also claimed not to be able to live without Paul and sounded extremely distraught. The timeline puts Liam’s voicemail just a little while before Paul’s death. From this, Balbir deduces the possible version of events.

How Did Liam Die?

On the morning that Paul’s dead body is discovered, everyone notices Liam has been missing too. A search for him ensues, and eventually, they find the truck driver, who confesses that Liam died in a hit-and-run. The truck driver didn’t see him walk into the middle of the road. When he saw that Liam was dead, he disposed of the body in a nearby well. It was his assistant, who started to feel guilty about it, who told the cops about Liam’s death.

The post-mortem of Liam’s body suggests that the truck driver was telling the truth. There was no other injury to suggest foul play, which confirms that Liam was hit by the truck and died of it. But what was he doing on the road in the middle of the night, and how does his death fit into what happened to Pau, considering that they were together the night of the murder?

The post-mortem report suggests that Paul and Liam were more than best friends. As later confirmed by Clara, they were in love with each other. However, Paul was scared of his father and remained closeted. He agreed to marry Veera, even though he was gay because he couldn’t say no to his father. When they came to India, Paul and Liam planned to tell Veera everything so the wedding would not happen.

On the night of the murder, Liam and Paul went to a bar, where they got into a fight with Saakar. He scratched Paul with a blade, which he dropped on the table before he was escorted out of the bar. Liam kept the blade, and then he and Paul left. Later, Paul met Veera, and she told him about Saakar and how she’d broken up with him because she was about to get married. Paul was moved by her confession and felt terrible about lying to her. So, he decided to go forward with the marriage and told her nothing about him and Liam.

Later, Liam confronted Paul about not doing as they had planned. When he realized that Paul intended to marry Veera, he was heartbroken. Paul tried to console him, saying this wouldn’t change the fact that he still loved him. However, Liam was unconvinced. When Paul tries to stop him from leaving, Liam pulls out the blade and slashes Paul’s neck. Paul falls into the field, and Liam assumes he’s dead.

Realizing he has killed the man he loved, Liam becomes distraught. He calls Clara and leaves her the voicemail where he all but confesses killing Paul. He doesn’t realize that Paul is still alive and believes there is no reason for him to live anymore. Liam sees the truck approaching him from a distance and walks into the middle of the road, where he is hit by the truck and dies on the spot.

What Happens to Balbir and Garundi?

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Kulli and the truck driver are arrested for Paul and Liam’s death, which closes the case. At the request of Paul’s family, Balbir doesn’t disclose anything about Paul and Liam’s affair to the media. The whole thing about Liam slashing Paul’s neck is kept a secret. With the case officially closed, Balbir and Garundi move on with their lives. Garundi gets married to Silky. He knows that his sister-in-law caused the explosion on the day of their engagement, but that doesn’t stop him from going forward with the wedding. He is ready to have a family of his own and has already expressed his desire to revoke any claim he might have had on their family property.

Meanwhile, Balbir realizes he has been doing the same thing Paul’s father had done. He was keeping his daughter from being with the man she loved. As a result, she became deeply unhappy with her life and tried to kill herself. Balbir decides to set things right by letting Nimrat be with Karan, so she can live her life, not what others want. She gets divorced from her husband, who gets to keep their son.

In the last scene, Balbir is seen outside Indira’s house. Previously, he’d confessed to her about killing her husband, who used to be an informer for him. He did it out of pressure from a minister and regretted it with all his heart. Since his death, Balbir has taken care of Indira by sending him money and offering help with whatever she needs. Over time, they developed a close bond, but when after his confession, things changed. Eventually, Indira seems to be on the path to forgive Balbir. She knows he is outside her house, so she leaves the door open, inviting him to come in. This indicates that she is ready to forgive him.

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