Kohrra Season 2: Renewal Possibilities Explored

Image Credit: Joseph D'souza/Netflix

Netflix’s crime drama series, ‘Kohrra,’ follows the investigation into the murder of Paul, an NRI who came to India to get married. His death happens only days before the wedding and brings a lot of people under the cops’ radar as they try to decipher what might have happened to Paul and his friend, Liam, who went missing on the night of the murder. The case falls in the hands of sub-inspectors Balbir and Garundi, who also have tumultuous lives of their own.

Created by Sudip Sharma, Gunjit Chopra, and Diggi Sisodia, the show presents a realistic portrayal of love and relationships from the lens of an Indian household. The case goes through many twists and turns as one revelation after another keeps the detectives on their toes and leaves the audience guessing about what might have happened to the victim. If you loved this gripping murder mystery and want to know if there’ll be a second season of the show, then here’s what you should know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD

Will There Be a Kohrra Season 2?

Image Credit: Joseph D’souza/Netflix

‘Kohrra’ season 1 received critical acclaim with praise directed towards taut writing, direction, and performances. For now, even though Netflix has revealed no plans for the second season, there is a very good chance we will get a season 2 of the show.

The first season ties up all loose ends regarding the case, where we find out what exactly happened to Paul and Liam that night. The ending also provides closure to the characters’ individual arcs, like Balbir, Garundi, Veera, and Nimrat. The case teaches the detective a lot about their own lives, and they realize that they need to let go of certain things and move on if they don’t want to make the mistakes made by the loved ones of Paul and Liam.

If the show doesn’t receive a second season, the finale gives a satisfying ending. However, it doesn’t close off the possibility of a follow-up. Because ‘Kohrra’ is a police procedural, the second season could open with another case, opening up a whole new arc for its characters to follow. Suvinder Vicky and Barun Sobti would return to the roles of Balbir and Garundi. We also expect to see more of Garundi’s brother and sister-in-law while he begins a new life with his wife, Silky. Assuming that they made up at the end of the season, we expect to see Indira again too.

Image Credit: Taha Ahmad/Netflix

We believe, for Kohrra season 2, makers will follow a strategy similar to another popular Indian procedural, Delhi Crime. The second season would focus on an entirely new case like Delhi Crime. However, keeping in line with the themes of the first season, the follow-up would focus on a crime that touches on social, political, and moral issues, pushing the limits of its protagonists. It is also expected to dive deeper into the personal lives of Balbir and Garundi. The new plot also means we’ll get to see new faces.

Considering the popularity of crime dramas on Netflix and how well ‘Kohrra’ was received by the critics, we expect Netflix to green-light another season. Our best guess is that season 2 might land on Netflix sometime in 2025 or 2026. 

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